Posts from 2021

Posts from 2021

The Breath of God – Worship Live

In the Bible, God’s Holy Spirit is referred to as the “breath” or “wind.” What might it mean for God to breathe the Holy Spirit on us today? What effect would it bring to our lives to receive the breath of God. Join in and let’s find out together. Traditional Worship Contemporary Worship

710 in Worship Easter, BUT NOW WHAT?

Sisters and Brothers, All totaled, online and in person from all three of our services at Easter, attendance was 710. It was an incredible day of worship and celebration and indeed, resurrection! BUT WHAT NOW? How do we live into the “born-anew-ness” of Easter that I preached about? How do we find the continual renewal of the Easter promise? How do we become the people we are already claimed by the sacrifice of Jesus? Only by the “Breath of God.“ Starting this Sunday…

Live Worship

It’s Easter! Let’s celebrate the New Birth brought about by Jesus Christ through the power of the Resurrection! Sunrise Worship Traditional Worship Contemporary Worship

The Key to A Better Future | Sponsor a Student in haiti

You can provide the key to a better future for students in Momance, Haiti. Through the school in the village of Momance, Haiti, the lives of children are being changed.  Our church played a central role in the community rebuilding efforts following the Haiti earthquake of 2010. When members from Ringgold United Methodist Church visited Momance for the first time in 2011, this small village had no school, no central buildings, and very little access to clean water. Through the…

Hours of Darkness | Good Friday Reflection

THE HOURS OF DARKNESSA Good Friday Reflection We read in Mark’s account of the gospel that Jesus was crucified at 9am (Mk 15:25); and, all four gospel accounts report the day’s events start “early in the morning.” Jesus has been: falsely accused; lied about; slapped; spit upon; beaten; mocked and humiliated; and tortured, including a Roman scourging. He has now been crucified for three hours. Then we read, “from noon until three the whole earth was covered in darkness” [Matthew…

Maundy Thursday Worship, Good Friday Reflection & Easter Morning!

Sisters and Brothers, We gather tonight for a special service of worship at 6:30pm. On “Maundy” Thursday (which comes from the Latin word for “command”) we remember Jesus’ commandment that we “love one another” and his commissioning of the Eucharist, Holy Communion, the last supper as a commemoration of him in perpetuity “DO this in remembrance of me…” Join us in person or online www.ringgoldumc.TV at 6:30pm. Then tomorrow I invite you to participate in a Good Friday reflection from noon to three. The…