Posts from February 2021 (Page 3)

Posts from February 2021 (Page 3)

Souper Bowl, Ash Wednesday, & RDaily Readings | This Week’s Connections

Here are your connections points for this week: Souper Bowl – Bring in canned and non-perishable foods for Christ’s Chapel Share and Care Mission. Ash Wednesday – Feb 17 – two opportunities: 1) Drive Through Ashes: 7-8:30a, 2) Worship: 6:30p rDaily Readings – Read through Gospel of Matthew during Lent. Signup to get reminders.

SOUPer Bowl and Wear Your Team Colors

First things first: Buccaneers or Chiefs? I asked that question in another setting and got two types of responses. The first response was an immediate: CHIEFS OF COURSE (sorry Buccaneers). The second response was a delayed: WHAT? OH, YEAH. THE GAME IS THIS WEEKEND? Regardless of where you fall on that spectrum, I want to encourage you to participate in the SOUPer Bowl this year! The what?!?! This will be our second year bringing in canned food and non-perishable items…

Do You Know Someone Who Needs A Recovery Meeting?

Sisters & Brothers, I mentioned in the sermon this past Sunday of a new resource for those that seek a recovery meeting but need it to be online.  THIS IS FOR ANYONE (and because it is online they can in fact live anywhere) that would like to meet, no strings attached and be able to share about their struggles and get some initial support and encouragement. “Recovery” isn’t just for the chemically addicted, it is for anyone who struggles with obsessive/compulsive…

rDaily Readings – Get Signed Up

Many of us talk about Jesus when we need to listen more to what Jesus has to say. A great way for each of us to listen to Jesus and prepare for Easter is by reading an entire Gospel account of Jesus. Here’s a way that we can hear what Jesus has to say… r|Daily Reading…participate in a daily reading from the Gospel of Matthew through the season of Lent. You can signup to receive the Daily Reading on your…