Posts from August 2021

Posts from August 2021

Connections Groups | This Week’s Connections

This week’s connections is all about upcoming adult connections groups: Disciple Fast Track – Old Testament Sun @ 5:30-7p HYBRID (begins 9/12) Facilitated by Bobby Fleck Disciple Fast Track – The Prophets Wed @ 6-7:30p HYBRID (begins 9/8) Facilitated by Chris Bryant Processing Grief Wed 6-7:30p (Begins 9/8) Facilitated by Eddie Floyd Kingdom Men Rising Tue 6p (Begins 9/21 Facilitated by Jamie Ellis and Jason Sullivan


Let’s look at the story of Joseph again as we go back to Sunday school. Joseph was favored by his father, and he took that favoritism a little too much towards arrogance. Jospeh was thrown into a pit, but God was t done with him there. What pits of life do you find yourself in today? Listen as Jamie Ellis digs a little deeper into the story of Joseph today. Traditional Worship Contemporary Worship


This week’s sermon focus about Joseph will be fun. Get a preview with Director of Children’s Ministry, Britta Alton.

Big Things

Dear RUMC Family, As I write this our families with kids (including my own) face the dauting reality of another school closure. (Mine have been on virtual learning already this previous week.) It is unwelcome news for sure.  I, myself, am beyond tired and more than a little frustrated.  I strongly encourage all who are able to please get vaccinated. Meanwhile, many families including those who cannot afford it are looking for childcare. Ringgold United Methodist is responding to this immediate…


How can God use you right where you are doing what you are doing? The story of Esther shows us how God can use our circumstances for His Will. Participate in worship today as Pastor Chris dives into the story of Esther. Traditional Worship Contemporary Worship

Noah And The Ark

As we begin our new series, Back to Sunday School, let’s revisit some familiar Old Testament stories and engage these texts with a deeper look into the appropriateness and application for our lives today. What might the Noah and the Ark reveal for our faith and discipleship? Join in as Pastor Chris explores this question. Traditional Worship CONTEMPORARY WORSHIP

Back to School… SUNDAY School

Beloved Community, This Sunday we start a new four week theme that will explore four famous “Sunday School” lessons beginning with NOAH AND THE ARK (then Esther, Joseph and finally David & Goliath). Hopefully each week you’ll be taken deeper into these stories, learning something you hadn’t before and being inspired in new ways. For example, do you realize that the Noah story answers one of the most common “critique-questions” posed by atheists and agnostics to Christians?  I look forward to sharing this…
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