8.25.16 e Happenings

8.25.16 e Happenings

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New Sermon Series-myMESS

New Sermon Series begins Sunday Sept. 11th

#myMESS – not perfect, just better

Messes just seem to happen.  They are never planned.  They appear, then we wonder what to do with them.  Sometimes we make messes of our lives.  Sometimes we find ourselves in the middle of messes created by someone else.  How do we deal with them?  We are never going to be perfect, but we can be better . . . and God has everything to do with that.


A new learning resource coming to Ringgold UMC.  Hungry for a “Disciple-esque” resource for encountering scripture and applying to your life?  Over the course of our lives, we will read many books.  The question we must grapple with is this: What book will govern our lives, families and communities?  OneBook. has an emphasis on “learning.” The Greek word that we translate to mean “disciple” is “mathetes.” The word means “learner.” Because the word “disciple” has come to mean so many things to so many people, we have determined to frame the word in its original conception. Critical to the learning objectives of a disciple of Jesus Christ is clarity of outcomes. The goal cannot be reduced to cultivating biblical expertise. The ultimate question underlying our approach is, “who is Jesus calling his disciples to become?” rather than “What do we want people to know?”

There are two ways to get involved with a OneBook. group.

1. Our newest Sunday School Class called “Bible for Today” led by Chris Hopkins.  Chris will be teaching out of “The Invitation” resource from OneBook.

2. A Wednesday Night Study Group led by James Pelt.  James will be teaching of the the “Book of John” resource from OneBook.

Find out more about both learning resources at www.seedbed.com/onebook.

Sign up to be involved at www.ringgoldumc.com/sign-up under the 2016 Fall Sign-Up option.


September 11th, 6pm, Church Gym

We need Prayer Champions!  Sign-up today as part of Fall Sign-Up Sunday.
The idea is that every student at RUMC will have three adults from three different generations praying for them on a daily basis through-out the school year. At the launch event you will learn more, be matched to your student(s), and pray!  We literally need 180 people present at this event.  Mark your calendar!
Watch this video to learn more.

Mission Interest Meetings

There are two Nicaragua Mission trips for you to get involved in.  Please attend one or both of the upcoming interest meetings to learn more.

  • Nicaragua Educational Mission Trip, July 2017
    Interest Meeting, Sunday, August 28, 12:15p
    Seekers Classroom (B-2)
  • Nicaragua Community Ministry and Mission Trip, June 2-10, 2017
    Interest Meeting, Sunday, September 11, 12:15p
    Seekers Classroom (B-2)

Wednesday Nights Return

September 7th

5:45 Snack Dinner
6:30 Children’s, Youth, and Adult Groups

Dinner-$5 adults, $3 children-no registration
9/7- Mexican Night-Tacos with all the trimmings!

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Tailgating RHS vs. HHS Football Game

Let’s get together for some pre-game fun, food, and games before the Ringgold vs. Heritage Football Game. We will gather in the church parking lot beginning at 5p. We will have grilled hotdogs and sides. We will tailgate until around 7p and then head over to RHS for kickoff scheduled at 7:30p

We will also join in passing out flyers for the PAINT WAR as we canvas the parking lot.

Sign Up Sundays

This Sunday and next Sunday you will have the opportunity to sign up for serve teams at Ringgold United Methodist Church. There are several ways that you can volunteer to serve within the youth ministry at Ringgold United Methodist Church. Signing up through sign up Sundays lets me know you are interested in serving. There are no assumptions here. If you want to serve in any capacity, please sign up online here.

  • On Sunday Nights, there are people who are food providers, greeters, security, counselors, tech team servers, and adult leaders.
  • On Wednesday Nights, we need adults who can assist with being a counselor alongside the life group teachers.
  • For Youth, there are opportunities for youth to serve within the youth ministry and the church as a whole. You can also serve in other capacities within the youth ministry.

Fall Kickoff – August 28

The youth ministry kickoff for the Fall semester is like a school open house, except way cooler! Every parent of a youth is invited to attend this Fall Kickoff with their student from 6:00-7:45p.

We will participate in a typical Sunday night Youth Gathering with a twist…our parents will be invited to participate and join in with us. We hope to see and celebrate with each of the parents who are a part of our youth ministry.

Pray for Me Campaign

This Fall, we will begin a new campaign within the youth ministry called the Pray for Me Campaign. The idea is that every middle and high school student within the youth ministry would have three adults from three different generations praying for them on a daily basis throughout the school year. These prayer champions will have a prayer guide to assist them in praying for specific things for our students.

Each student will be able to pick his/her three Prayer Champions at the Pray for Me Campaign Launch event on September 11. The youth will hear more about this campaign on upcoming Sunday nights. Also, parents can sign up (through the sign up Sunday list) to be a Prayer Champion for another youth.

Upcoming Events

  • August 26 – Tailgating – Ringgold vs. Heritage Football Game
  • August 28 – Fall Youth Ministry Kickoff 6-7:45p
  • September 11 – Nicaragua Community Mission Trip – Interest Meeting, 12:15p, Seekers Classroom
  • September 18 – PAINT WAR RINGGOLD, 6-8p

Sunday Night Youth Helpers

  • 8/28 – Adults: Chris Kilgo & Luanne Kilgo. Food: Luanne Kilgo. Greeter: Mason Sherrill
  • 9/ 4- Adults: Lance Hamilton & Amanda Stanton. Food: Jennifer Hamilton. Greeter: Davis Kilgo

May God Bless You,
Bobby Fleck
bobby@ringgoldumc.org / 423-488-4265

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A really exciting and new church-wide program will begin this Fall. Here is a video that will tell you about the program.

Two things you need to know:

1- You will have the opportunity to attend a Pray for Me Campaign Launch on Sunday, September 11th at 6:00. At this launch you will choose Prayer Champions for your children. Each family will have multiple Prayer Champions that will pray for all of the children within your family as a unit.

2- You will also have the opportunity to become a Prayer Champion for another family or for a youth. This is simply a commitment to pray for children/ youth by name each day. You will be given an awesome guide to use as you pray.

I’m so excited about this opportunity for our church. I hope you will join us! To sign your children up to be prayed for and/or to sign up to be a Prayer Champion go here.

r|kidz SERVE TEAMS FALL 2016

Please prayerfully consider signing up to serve with r|kidz this coming serve season. We have a lot of fun while teaching children that they are greatly loved by God! You don’t have to be a teacher… we also need people who are good at organizing materials, checking kids in to their classes, and people who just like to have fun with kids! Please let me know if you have any questions!


Order your shirts by filling out a form at the r|kidz check-in stations or order online here (see picture on order form). 


To receive reminders and information through a text message on your phone please fill out this form!

Christina Ware

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Membership Class
Sunday, August 28 @ 2PM

Want to learn more about how to get involved with a great church?  Want to be a member at RUMC?  Attend this interactive class led by pastor Ben Cathey.  Childcare provided if registered.  Sign-up online at www.ringgoldumc.org/sign-up or let Ben know you plan to attend (678-462-5642).


September 7th at 1:00 we will meet in the gym to start organizing and staging food items. We will start bagging at 3:30.  As you read this message, please pray that our children stay safe and the Lord leads you to be a part of NCIC.

Thanks be to God ,
Vickie and Tom Moseley

School Supplies Needed for Educational Nicaragua Mission Trip

Now is the time to find good deals for the Education Nicaraguan Mission trip. While back to school sales are going on, please remember that we will be serving 1000 plus teachers next year. We specifically need 2 pocket folders, pens/pencils, and white board markers. Items can be brought to the church office or placed in the FOB class room (B-4).

Nicaragua Educational Mission Trip
Interest Meeting
Sunday, August 28 • 12:15p
Seekers Classroom (B-2)

Teachers in Nicaragua are in need of your support, help, and training, and you can help! Calling all educators with a commitment to Jesus Christ and a desire to make a difference in the world. What has historically been the January Nicaragua Trip for the past eight years is now transitioning to July in 2017 to enable active teachers who are a part of our church to participate in meaningful outreach and peer leadership training to Nicaragua teachers. Next year we are hoping to host 1,000 Nicaragua teachers in the city of Leon over the course of a four-day teacher conference. We have seen the difference that this important training makes in the skill sets and ability to teach students in Nicaragua. Join us at this upcoming trip interest meeting to learn how you can serve God through peer leadership training in Nicaragua!

For more information contact Lamar Brown elbrown@catt.com / 423-619-0857

Nicaragua Community Ministry and Mission Trip
Interest Meeting
Sunday, September 11 • 12:15p
Seekers Classroom (B-2)

For more information, contact Bill Copeland, billcopelandjr@gmail.com

Growing Stronger Strength Training for Older Adults

Would you like to improve your balance and flexibility, as well as, get out of the house and join friends for an hour twice a week? Ringgold United Methodist Church is offering this class free of charge to anyone in the Ringgold area. Both men and women will benefit and enjoy growing Stronger strength training for older adults class. This is a low impact class utilizing a chair and sometimes weights if you like. Classes begin starting Sept 6th at 9:50 to 11:00 on Tuesday and Thursday morning in the gym at RUMC.

Let’s grow stronger and meet some new friends. Wear your walking shoes.

(developed by Tufts University and the CDC)

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Haiti Trip Report by Sara Dotson

It was an honor to be able to join the Haiti Team from RUMC for the 2016 trip. I have been on 2 other mission trips in past years, but this was my first time in Haiti.

I have seen extreme poverty before, and I have seen living conditions that are hard to comprehend…but nothing, NOTHING prepared me for what I saw in Haiti. I’m not sure if it was the sheer number of people I saw living in extreme poverty, or that the level of poverty there is so much worse that what I had seen in other areas, or if it was the pure neglect of the government who clearly makes little-to-no effort to do anything for it’s people, or all of the above…but I was shocked. There were huge piles of garbage everywhere because there is no garbage system at all.  It fills the rivers (or where there would be a river), and people & animals walk though it along almost every road we took. The people live in huts that are maybe one or two rooms made of either stone, or metal, or even tarps. They have to take long walks to get water daily, and some do have one or two outlets for electricity now because of small solar cells available…but there is no infrastructure for electricity like we are used to here.RUMC has been developing a relationship in the village of Momance, about 2 hours from Port au Prince, for a few years now. It was there that God spoke to some of the town leaders to reach out and gave them hope and a vision for their village. Through a series of beautiful connections, RUMC has assisted in the building of a school in Momance, a well near the school, and now we are also looking into some other things that can strengthen and empower the community there.What was so evident to me about Momance is how much God has already been working in this village. It was so wonderful to see the smiles and hugs and the warm welcome we received. We weren’t coming with truckloads of things to hand out…we were coming with our hands, and our hearts…to serve them. The relationship and trust that has grown between the people of Momance and the people of RUMC was palpable…and beautiful. To me, it was so clear that God has laid a foundation for great work by allowing this trust and this relationship to grow so strong.While we were there we put a roof on a new building that will function as the principal’s office and his old office will be turned into another classroom. We also walked the property and made plans for a fence around the property. We also had an opportunity to take two mini “field trips” to see a couple other missions in the area that God clearly has His hand on…and we were so inspired! What a mighty thing our God can do when He wills change, and people are obedient to His call!I also had the opportunity along with June Cathey to spend 2 mornings walking around the village with the Monatrice. The Monatrice is part of a new program through the Children’s Nutrition Program, an organization based in Chattanooga. This woman is from the village and has been trained on nutrition and basic child growth screening. Her main purpose is to help malnourished children. It was both eye opening and really exciting to see the insides of these people homes and meet so many beautiful people. I saw so many hard working moms doing such a great job taking care of there families…and with so little…I was humbled!More than anything else from this year’s trip, our team felt divine inspiration! We could see and feel how the trust and ground work has been established in Momance…and we sense that God has big plans.  He wants us to be the hands and feet for His work. I believe great things are in store for the village of Momance. The people there are good…but desperate…desperate for hope, for the future of their children, and for the love of Christ.I pray more people will want to be a part of this great work in Momance…maybe that includes you?

Prayer Requests

The family of Charlotte McConathy, Rachel McConathy’s grandmother, in their time of loss

Natalie Bates: bone marrow transplant recovery, fighting infection

Amanda Lanier: battling cancer

Terry Kilgore: brain cancer

Sarah Petty: foot fracture

Cheryl: bladder cancer has returned

Karen Partin: back pain

The family of Ashley Adams in their time of loss, she was 28 years old

Todd Browning Family

Brent Kenney: cancer

Tim Hall

Tony Housley

Kathy Harvey


The family of Brenda Wallace

Liz McCullough: being tested for MS this week

Family of Anna Jo who died leaving 2 small children

Fuller’s Chapel UMC – getting p/t local pastor

Family of Brenda Wallace who died from cancer

Family of Faye King

Baby Rowan Wells & family

Sandra Steakley: recovering from surgery

Sandra DeVore: back surgery

Ellie Cobb: bone cancer

Carol Pelt: melanoma

Faircloth Family: son committed suicide

PRAY 4 ME initiative to begin 9/11

RUMC fall programs starting 9/7

Mary Joy Yates

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Men’s Club Breakfast: Not meeting in August

Recycling Club: August 27, 9a – 10:30a

Church Council: August 29, 7p

Growing Stronger Strength Training: Starting September 6, Tuesdays and Thursdays, 9:50-11a

Operation Christmas Child Craft Club: Second Saturday of the month, September 10, 10a – noon

Sparrow’s Nest Consignment Sale: September 15-17

United Methodist Women Club: September 12, 6p in the Parlor

49ers Adult Fellowship Club: Second Tuesday of the month, September 13

Paint War Ringgold: September 18, 6p-8p

Men’s Fish Fry: October 2, 5:45p