Lent: A Life Fully Devoted (Day 34)

Lent: A Life Fully Devoted (Day 34)

Read: 1 Corinthians 15:56-58

Reflect: Did you hear that?! Read it again – “God gives us victory over sin and death through our Lord Jesus Christ.” If I am God’s, then I win! Sometimes I think we forget that we are winners! We stumble around fussing over details and deadlines, oblivious to the Good News and big picture of our alternative reality – in Jesus I have victory over all this mess!

The mess of life is real – I hear you. Our world is broken.But we are winners called to stand on the truth. Even the worst sin, even the deepest guilt, even death itself has no power over us when we are covered in the blood of Jesus.

There will be dark days, horrific storms and times of doubt and despair. Holding tight to a promise that is so much bigger than anything we will work through on this earth. And work we must. There are people who aren’t on the winning team yet, they haven’t taken the deal, and they don’t yet know the freedom they are being offered.

So celebrate – He won! Stand firm – we win! And for God’s sake, don’t hold back. He’s counting on us to go all in from that place of freedom! Without fear of sin or death. In the smallest moments, in the grandest gestures, in word and deed and in between – God calls us to be all in. It’s not our job to worry about results, because even the littlest work is not in vain. God runs with each effort of love done in his name. Imagine what He can do with a life fully devoted?!

If you have felt your wheels spinning, then you might ask yourself, “Am I doing my work or God’s? Am I living in my purpose or God’s? Am I building up treasures or building God’s kingdom?” If you haven’t joined God’s winning team, then there is no time like the present! Get suited up, winner, we have work to do!

Pray: God, may I see from Your eternal perspective. The earthly monuments of my life will eventually fall down, break apart, and be forgotten, but the work I do for You will have eternal significance. Thank you for this place on Your team. Amen.