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Our first stop on the “Christmas Places” theme is “Decorating the House.” Christmas is an exhilarating time each year, looked forward to by throngs of adults as well us millions of children. But it’s also a time of extreme busyness, stress, anxiety and uncertainty. How might we seek and find Christ in all of the various Christmas places and “states” we find ourselves ? Traditional Worship Contemporary Worship

www.Ringgoldumc.TV and other IMPORTANT UPDATES

Sisters and Brothers, Last Sunday we broadcast worship in a third and exciting way: You can now watch worship DIRECTLY through our website. It’s also an interactive page where visitors can request prayer and where a virtual host is available to greet people (like our in-person greeters in the lobby). If you noticed a small timing or syncing problem between what you were hearing and seeing last Sunday (for example, my mouth was moving a little slower than the…

Recovery Worship

Worship LIVE with Recovery at Ringgold…

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Eternal life is a gift and a promise from God to all those who would follow Jesus. There is life after this life, and this life is eternal. What does eternal life look like? As we conclude the After Life series, join in at 9a or 11a as we dig deep in this conversation about eternal life together. Let us know you worshipped with us by texting ‘”here” to 706-607-5850. Traditional Worship Contemporary Worship

Gift-Getting Has Begun

Friends, The “season of gift-buying” has officially begun. This Sunday we conclude our AFTER-Life theme with a message on The GIFT of Eternal Life. This of course isn’t a gift you can buy or earn; it’s truly something we simply receive. I’ll lead you in a brief reflection in the message on the phrase “eternal life” and its use in the Bible and then we’ll consider what eternal life will be like using the hints left to us in our…

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We continue our AFTER-Life theme this weekend with a message on Hell. It’s a difficult subject for more than a few reasons. To devote an entire message to this is something distinct. Do you know that Jesus uses a word for hell that that no one else does? (It isn’t found anywhere else in the Bible with only one exception.) That word is actually where we derive most of our images for hell. Do you know that “hell” isn’t a…