Camp catoosa | Mission Moment

Camp Catoosa was started in 1974 by Jack Maddox, and in 2001 it was moved to Ringgold United Methodist Church. Camp Catoosa is a summer camp designed to enable kids in Catoosa County to have the opportunity for a fun, quality summer camp. Sue Mason, a member of Ringgold United Methodist Church and social worker for Catoosa County Schools, coordinates the camp as a partnership between the school system, several community partners, and our church. Listen as Sue describes the…

The Key to A Better Future | Sponsor a Student in haiti

You can provide the key to a better future for students in Momance, Haiti. Through the school in the village of Momance, Haiti, the lives of children are being changed.  Our church played a central role in the community rebuilding efforts following the Haiti earthquake of 2010. When members from Ringgold United Methodist Church visited Momance for the first time in 2011, this small village had no school, no central buildings, and very little access to clean water. Through the…


Many have described 2020 as a “dumpster fire” or a “throwaway year.” While you might remember the incredible challenges of 2020 just like I do, I want to challenge you to take a minute a celebrate “#2020InReview” and the many ways that 2020 was a great year of ministry and mission at Ringgold United Methodist Church. Sure, in January 2020, none of us would have guessed that 2020 would entail all that it has. Even more still, I am not…

Mission Moment: NCIC

Today’s mission moment concerns an update on NCIC (Nourishing Children in Catoosa). NCIC resumes packing Aug 30 with a new schedule this year. We will stage on Sunday at 7p and pack on Monday at 3p.Nourishing Children in Catoosa has a long-standing history of working to alleviate child hunger in Catoosa County through providing weekend snack packs to kids who are food insecure. For more info, visit Nourishing Children In Catoosa.