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While we might not immediately identify our own discipleship with Zacchaeus, join in as Pastor Chris shares about the simple ways in which Zacchaeus followed Jesus in his own way. Zacchaeus is a disciple just like us. Traditional Worship Contemporary Worship

r|kids pre-game show 9/12/21

Ready for a great tailgate party Friday night? Also- watch for our new Monday Moment for kids to FOLLOW Sunday worship with our Director of Children’s Ministry, Britta Alton.

Matthias: Unknown

Matthias, the disciple chosen to replace Judas, is probably one of the least regarded and least talked about disciple. In fact, we could consider his the unknown disciple. And yet, Matthias followed Jesus from the beginning and was considered more than just a replacement. As we consider the “Disciples Like Us” let us look to Matthias to examine why we ourselves are following Jesus. Traditional Worship Contemporary Worship

David & Goliath

David chose boldness and faith over fear when faced with the giant, Goliath. Instead of being concerned with the largness of Goliath, he is focused on the enormity of God. What might we learn from the story of David & Goliath as we go “Back to Sunday School” today. Traditional Worship Contemporary Worship


Let’s look at the story of Joseph again as we go back to Sunday school. Joseph was favored by his father, and he took that favoritism a little too much towards arrogance. Jospeh was thrown into a pit, but God was t done with him there. What pits of life do you find yourself in today? Listen as Jamie Ellis digs a little deeper into the story of Joseph today. Traditional Worship Contemporary Worship


This week’s sermon focus about Joseph will be fun. Get a preview with Director of Children’s Ministry, Britta Alton.


How can God use you right where you are doing what you are doing? The story of Esther shows us how God can use our circumstances for His Will. Participate in worship today as Pastor Chris dives into the story of Esther. Traditional Worship Contemporary Worship