Continuing the Sermon

Continuing the Sermon

Where have you experienced God’s NEW MERCIES?

Lamentations says that God’s mercies are new each day. Where you have experienced these new mercies from God? Share in this live conversation with Britta and Bobby as they discuss God’s new mercies in the middle of awful. Let’s continue the sermon and see what God would have for us. Comment in the chat to discuss with them.

Are You Saved?

Join in on the conversation between Pastor Chris and Britta as they continue the sermon from Sunday.

Be the Good News

Mark’s Gospel message about Jesus begins and ends in a rather unexpected way. From “the beginning of the Good News” to the “women told no one.”

I Want it MY WAY!

Wanting things to turn out a particular way is not necessarily a bad thing, but what happens when that monster of having things have to be a particular way interferes with relationships?
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