Christmas @ RUMC

Christmas @ RUMC

Sisters and Brothers,

Last week our attendance was 469! In person attendance was 124 (Traditional – 48, Contemporary – 76) and online was 345!

How accurate is that number? Pretty accurate. In fact, every time we’ve tested the accuracy we’ve UNDER estimated the actual number of people watching.

(When we’ve checked we’ve averaged 2.2 persons/device but we only count 2 persons/device.)

Please continue to get the word out and invite folks to join us online or in-person for Christmas Eve.

It’s as easy as telling people:
Ringgold-UMC-Dot-TV.” www.ringgoldumc.TV

Christmas Eve Candlelight Services: Contemporary 5pm and Traditional at 9pm.

Persons can now watch DIRECTLY through our website, where they have the option to interact with a virtual greeter or submit prayer concerns through an easy link among other features. 

What if you miss worship at 9 or 11 on Sunday? 

You now have two options. 

You can view worship at any time through visiting our YouTube Channel.

Or, you can now watch a WORSHIP RE-RUN on Mondays.

On Monday nights across all 3 of our platforms (Facebook, YouTube and of course, our website, www.ringgoldumc.TV) you can watch: Traditional at 6pm and Contemporary at 8pm

***This Monday (Dec. 21), Traditional will re-run at 4:30pm in order to go LIVE with our “Blue Christmas Eve” service at 6pm.***

(If you only have time to just catch the sermon, you can go to our website and click the messages button. The sermons are normally uploaded by Sunday evening or Monday mid-day at the latest.)

Did you give blood?

I discovered I can donate anti-bodies for those suffering with Covid-19 and the average reduction in hospital stay for someone who receives it is five days!

I’ll let you know about how this experience goes.

You can still give blood and benefit the Friends of Momance Mission. You can go to the Chattanooga or Fort Oglethorpe Centers and donate ANY TIME the rest of December. Just make sure and say you are donating for RUMC’s Haiti mission so Friends of Momancegets the$10 donation for your giving blood.

Tonight our Young Adult ministry has their Christmas party at 6:30pm at Caffeine Addicts. Bring your friends!

SUNDAY, r|Youth has their Christmas party, 5-7pm!  Don’t miss the new r|Youth giveaway-s. Really cool! Our teens are set to go into 2021 with some real swag, excited about youth ministry at RUMC!

Also SUNDAY, r|Kids have their Christmas party And MOVIE NIGHT, with Hot Chocolate, 5-7pm. By the way, did you catch the children’s video where the kids tell the story of Christmas? Click here for some enjoyment!

I’ve got to get back to my sermon. Re-imagining The Family Table this week as our next Christmas place. Included will be a short story about my littlest, Jacob who I thought based on something he said to me, really took last week’s sermon to heart… Nope, that wasn’t it.

Merry Christmas RUMC. I know there is a lot of struggle all around especially among specific situations in our church family. But take heart; God is with usGod is, in fact with, you. I don’t just believe it. I’m counting on it. Count on it with me.


P.S. The SPRC (The H.R. Dept. of a Methodist Church) asked me to communicate the following: