Internet Safety 101

A free community event providing practical tools to keep kids safe on their devices.

We hope you will join with us for this free event for our community. Invite a friend to attend with you. Middle and high school students are welcomed to attend with their parents as practical tools as provided to help keep kids safe on the Internet. We will discuss the dangers and perils of the Internet and how predators utilize the Internet to their advantage. The #1 target audience for predators is children who are 12-14 years. Instead of merely talking about this problem, we are going to discuss how to be safe online.

Internet Safety 101:
What are your Kids’ Internet Secrets?
March 25 | 6:30p
Ringgold United Methodist Church

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About the Event

John Winstanley from Fort Safety ( will practical tools and inspiration that every modern family needs to keep kids safe in the new frontier of digital relationships. The “Internet Secrets” presentation by Fort Safety  was created to give parents and their middle and high school kids practical online habits and tools to navigate the internet safely. We have ALL seen some pretty bad stuff online that we wish we hadn’t…but no one is talking about it….until now. The fact of the matter is this: It is not a matter of if your kids will see something bad on the internet, it is only a matter of when.  The goal of this evening is to provide the audience with the feeling that lets them say: ” I can do this!”

There will be a question and answer session after the event.  Audience members can either  text, or write questions on a postcard for the expert panel to answer after the presentation