Gift-Getting Has Begun

Gift-Getting Has Begun


The “season of gift-buying” has officially begun.

This Sunday we conclude our AFTER-Life theme with a message on The GIFT of Eternal Life.

This of course isn’t a gift you can buy or earn; it’s truly something we simply receive.

I’ll lead you in a brief reflection in the message on the phrase “eternal life” and its use in the Bible and then we’ll consider what eternal life will be like using the hints left to us in our scriptures.

Finally, I’ll end with a simple but touching story that hopefully will help you relate to what Heaven/Eternal Life may be like.

We’ll also be offering Holy Communion so those who worship at home, please have some bread and juice ready.


Last Sunday we had our 5th best ONLINE worship attendance (over 260 people watched online), the largest since August, with Contemporary-in-person also being good (above average) and Traditional-in-person worship being slightly less than average.

Safety-Protocols remain in place and while we at this a number of our members/attendees test positive, we have yet to experience (that we know of) a single case of Covid-19 transmission in worship or any of our ministry events.

Please use your best judgment as far as being in person or joining online. We want you in worship regardless and continue to strive to make online worship better and better.

However, I also want to encourage those of you who are otherwise going about normal life in normal ways (just with safety protocols in place) i.e. shopping, school/athletic events, that you can do the same with worship, small groups, Bible Studies, youth group, etc.

Start with worship this Sunday
either in person or online,
at 9am for Traditional
or 11am for Contemporary.

It’s the beginning of the Advent Season (what in common nomenclature is “the Christmas Season”) and with it the first Sunday is “Hope.”

Do you have the hope of eternal life? What does that look like?
More importantly, how does the hope of life-eternal impact life-here-and-now?

This Sunday is the start of a NEW Christian New Year. Start over with anticipating Christ, remembering that all of God’s promises in Him are yes and Amen.

I’m grateful for you RUMC!


P.S. In Contemporary worship, our Praise Band is doing a throw-back of sorts. I can’t wait to sing some of these great contemporary songs of the past.

Also, it’s Small-Business Saturday. Consider supporting our local vendors including those who are members of our own congregation with Christmas purchases for loved ones.