r | nursery

r | nursery

At Ringgold United Methodist Church it is important to us to provide a safe, warm and loving environment for our youngest members so that their parents and caregivers can feel free to worship and learn without worry.  In our efforts to maintain this goal we utilize paid, trained staff alongside loving volunteers in our nursery area. The nursery ministry serves children up to age 4 during church programming.  For special events, ages are expanded if needed.

Sunday Morning Nursery

On Sundays, nursery is available all morning for children ages birth through three years old.  Each hour offers opportunities for playtime, stories, music, and snack.  As a courtesy, we furnish diapers and wipes.  We also provide snacks which include goldfish crackers, animal crackers, water or 100% juice (diluted).  Any allergies or preferences are noted and cared for.  Our nursery staff are trained in First Aid, CPR and church safety practices.

Wednesday Night Nursery

On Wednesday evenings, nursery is also provided for children ages birth through three years old from 6:15-7:30 PM during our mid-week small group times following our Wednesday Night Family Suppers.

For both gatherings, sign children in to get a name tag and pick up ticket at one of the Check In stations on the children’s hall.