Sunday School

Sunday School

Sunday School Groups are on-going groups that meet year round to learn more about the Bible, and enter into fellowship with each other by caring, praying, and sometimes partying together. Sunday School classes also often organize to meet volunteer or financial needs in the church and community. Each class is as distinct and unique as the people who attend.

12 Steps Class – Room B6

  • Adults of all ages
  • Curriculum and video-based discussion based on the 12 Steps of Recovery. No judgment and no prior experience required. This class is for people who desire intentional spiritual growth in a group setting. The 12 Steps are for everyone regardless of whether you are recovering from a destructive habit OR you are in a relationship with someone who is in need of recovery.

A.D.D. – Room B11 (Choir Room)

  • Mostly parents with toddler and school-aged children
  • Curriculum based discussion, often with video elements. A.D.D. stands for Actively Devoted Disciples. We want to be devoted disciples who not only meet on Sunday, but who are active in the ministry & leadership of the entire church. We enjoy meeting for fellowship and we join together to support mission opportunities as well.

Bible for Today – Room B-10 (Parlor)

  • Ages 40’s+ from all walks of life
  • Curriculum based, lecture with discussion. Discussion and lessons based on a book or large section of Scripture. The hope for the Bible for Today is that it will create a place to connect Scripture to life so that the word of God becomes living in us.

The Bridge – Room B-2

  • Adults, ages 18-99
  • Discussion based on a Book of the Bible or a theme based curriculum. Open hearts, open minds, open doors. We are serious about fellowship on Sunday mornings and beyond. We believe that Jesus is our Bridge to life.

F.O.B.  – Room B-4

  • Senior Adults
  • Discussion based on the Cokesbury Quarterly Curriculum. For Our Brothers and sisters in Christ, caring for each other and sharing God’s love with those in our community. You don’t want to miss our Christmas Party gift auction.

G.I.F.T. – Room B-5

  • Experienced empty nesters
  • Q&A based on a book or study guide. Growing In Faith Together – means that we study God’s gift to us so we can be a gift to the world. We have several events that we enjoy doing as well.

Mission Possible – Room B-3

  • Active, middle-aged couples
  • Practical, biblical application to current events. We are a missions-minded class that seeks ways to be involved in our church and community.

Seekers – Room B-1

  • 50-70+ year olds from all walks of life
  • Various curricula selected by our study committee. Seeking truth, knowledge, wisdom and a relationship with Jesus Christ. Very socially active, we focus our ministry on helping with shut-ins and people in need.

W.F.C. – Room B-13

  • Adults from all walks of life
  • Discussion based on the Cokesbury Quarterly Curriculum. Workers for Christ – We are a service minded group active in church leadership and missions involvement throughout the year.