Want to grow you relationship with God? Want to learn more about the Bible? The journey of faith is not meant to be experienced alone. Life is better together!

Adult Groups are available in three formats:

  • Life Groups
  • Short Term Groups
  • Sunday School Groups

Which Format is Right For You?

Life Groups
At Life Group the content is your life. The primary emphasis is soul care and growth. Groups meet for 13-16 weeks to try to gain wisdom from each other about how to live a life for Christ. Each individual person has particular life challenges, life victories, and God is calling each person to a unique future. Come gain support for the journey.

  • Looking to move your faith forward by focusing on the condition of your soul?
  • Looking to discover who you are as a follower of Jesus?
  • Looking to do something with you faith in everyday living situation?

Each group is anchored by 5 questions which drive discussion, support, and spiritual growth:

  1. What have you learned this week about God?
  2. What victories or inspirations have you experienced?
  3. What challenges or failures have you faced?
  4. How is your soul, and what do you need to do about it this week?
  5. How can we join you in prayer?

Short Term Groups
Short-term groups are great if you are new to RUMC or just want to learn more about a particular subject. The great thing about short-term groups is that you can commit to the sessions you are most interested in. Offered in 4 – 10 week formats depending on the curriculum. Typically Meet on Sunday Mornings and Wednesday Nights.

  • Looking for focused learning content that meets you where you are?
  • Interested in taking a step beyond worship but not ready to commit to an ongoing class?
  • Want to take the next step in your faith journey?

Sunday School Groups
Sunday School Groups are on-going groups that meet year round to learn more about the Bible, and entering into fellowship with each other by caring, praying, and sometimes partying together. Sunday School classes also often organize to meet volunteer or financial needs in the church and community. Each class is as distinct and unique as the people who attend and the leaders who organize and teach the class.

  • Looking for a Bible based discussion or teaching?
  • A place to connect socially year after year?
  • A place to join for care and mission efforts?

Group Offerings