Grow Groups


Want to grow your relationship with God? Want to learn more about the Bible? The journey of faith is not meant to be experienced alone. Life is better together!  Contact Ben Cathey at if you have general questions.


Adult Groups are available in different formats:

  • Wednesday Groups (Green, Blue, and Black)
  • Sunday School Groups


Each group is rated as a Green, Blue, or Black group in terms of homework necessary to be a full participant in the group.

  • Green – no homework required.
  • Blue – homework options provided.
  • Black – homework exercises very helpful.




Wednesday Groups

New groups form often based around different themes.  These are the easiest groups to become involved with.  There are groups available for Seniors, Men, Women, and Mixed.  Each group focuses on a particular curriculum or theme.


Sign up for a group here:  Link to CCB form.


Group Option beginning August 30th, 2017 are:


SENIORS (4:30PM) – James Pelt – BLUE

INVITATION – Explore Important Biblical and Theological Foundations     with video leadership from Dr. Brian Russell. – Dean of the School of Urban Ministries and Professor of Biblical Studies at Asbury Seminary.


r|KIDZ VOLUNTEERS – Nicole Errickson – GREEN

DEVOTION AND WALK GROUP – r|kidz is awesome and we need several adult volunteers to work with children, but what happens when the schedule rotates and you are not in the classroom?  A fun, light-hearted group that will include a brief devotion and a good brisk walk.


MIXED (Men, Women, Couples) –Mark Burroughs – GREEN

MARK’S CHOICE CUTS – Discussion based on different themes, biblical passages, and current events.  From funny to serious – light to heavy.


MEN – Ben Cathey – BLACK

RESOLUTE – Pastor Ben has a heart to help men grow as faithful disciples of Christ, but most men spend their lives hovering around the fringes of faith. Get off the bench! Bring your bible and increase your ability as a follower of Jesus!  In partnership with Resolute Ministries.


WOMEN – Lori Hopkins and Myra Adams – BLUE

DRAMATIC ENCOUTNERS WITH GOD – 7 Life changing lessons of love.  Discover timeless lessons of love by entering biblical stories in fresh and vibrant ways.  Gain suggestions for applying  the lessons to daily life.


WOMEN –Amy Moses and Chrissie Brown – BLUE

PROVEN – Where Christ’s Abundance Meets Our Great Need.  Jennie Allen walks through key passages in the Book of John to demonstrate how only Jesus is enough. We don’t have to prove anything because Jesus has already proven everything.



Sunday School Groups

Sunday School Groups are on-going groups that meet year round to learn more about the Bible, and enter into fellowship with each other by caring, praying, and sometimes partying together. Sunday School classes also often organize to meet volunteer or financial needs in the church and community. Each class is as distinct and unique as the people who attend.


A.D.D. – Room B11 (Choir Room)

Mostly Parents of Younger Children

Curriculum Based Discussion – GREEN

The Bridge – Room B6

              Mostly Parents of Older Children

Book or Bible or Theme Discussion – GREEN

F.O.B.  – Room B4

              Retired and Senior Adults

Cokesbury Quarterly Curriculum – GREEN

G.I.F.T. – Room B5

              Experienced Empty Nesters

Q&A Based on Book or Guide – GREEN

Mission Possible – Room B3

              Active, Middle Aged Couples

Biblical Application to Current Events – GREEN

Seekers – Room B2

              50’s + From All Walks of Life

Curricula Selected by Study Committee – GREEN

W.F.C. – Room B13

              50’s + From All Walks of Life

Discussion from Quarterly Curriculum – GREEN

Bible for Today – Room B10 (Parlor)

              All Ages

In Depth Bible Teaching and Discussion – BLUE


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