Meet Needs Together

Followers of Jesus are called beyond the walls of the church to meet needs in their community and beyond.

Nourishing Children in Catoosa


Description: The Nourishing Children in Catoosa program, or NCIC, serves eight schools by providing over 1,600 kids each week with a bagged weekend snack. These children, who are often depending on a regularly provided meal at school, are sometimes in need of food each weekend as well. Each week, a team of around fifty students and adults come together in the gym on Wednesday afternoons to pack bags for these students.

Who to Contact: Tom & Vickie Moseley – 941-518-9186 – – Connect on Facebook.

How to Meet Needs: There are three ways that you can join with the NCIC program:

  1. Donate Food – We can accept certain snack foods for our bags, including: individual cups of fruit, apple sauce, and pudding, peanut butter crackers, cookies, granola bars, Little Debbie snacks, single servings of ramen noodles, Vienna sausage, and chili, cups of macaroni & cheese and cereal, natural fruit rolls, and raisins. We can accept cans of soup and chili if the cans are the 15.5 oz size. We cannot accept fresh food, except apples and oranges, anything that has to be refrigerated or any liquids or large items.
  2. Donate Time and Talent – We need at least 30 people each week during the school year to setup and fill bags on Wednesday afternoons. Setup begins at 1:00p, and bags are packed from 3:30-5:00p.
  3. Donate money. A donation of $50 can provide food to fill 60 bags.

Operation Christmas Child

Thong Pha Phum Burmese Refugee Village distribution

Description: Operation Christmas Child provides a shoebox filled with gifts, essential personal items, and toys to children all over the world who are in need during Christmas time.

Who to Contact: Trina Clark – 706-764-6342

How to Meet Needs: A group of people meet together on a monthly basis to create toys and crafts to include in the shoeboxes. Also, others are encouraged to pickup, fill, and return shoeboxes each Fall.

Missions Trips

nicaraguaDescription: Through several traveling missionary trips each year, we are able to partner with other churches and ministries to aid and assist in countries like Haiti and Nicaragua. Missions trips provide an excellent way for you to get involved and help to meet the needs of persons a world away. To learn more about our international missions click (more).

Who to Contact: View the calendar linked below, select a mission, and then use the information to contact the trip leader.

How to Meet Needs: The first thing to do if you are interested in attending an upcoming international mission trip is to pray and then view our calendar for upcoming mission trip opportunities. (more)

Support Giving

Since Ringgold United Methodist Church provides for many ministries who call our church home, sometimes the easiest way to meet a need is to give a financial gift or contribution. Please visit the Giving page for more information on how you can give to help meet a need. (more)