Ringgold United Methodist Church has a vibrant and long history in the Downtown Ringgold community. We would love to share just a brief overview of who we are and where we come from.


With both feet firmly grounded in a rich heritage of nearly 175 years in Ringgold, GA, we believe God has called Ringgold United Methodist Church to continue to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. We are a church of five generations seeking to reach the next generation with the Good News of Jesus Christ. We believe our mission and ministry starts locally as we outreach to our neighbor, and this mission continues globally as we participate in God’s work throughout the world.

Our Heritage

The Beginning (1845)

In 1845 the Ringgold Methodist Episcopal Church South was formed as Rev. Drury Fowler began holding weekly worship with a small group of people between White Oak Mountain and Taylor’s Ridge. The new church began two years before the town of Ringgold was established in 1847 and just seven years after Cherokee Indian removal. On July 22, 1848 Georgia Representative William B.W. Dent deeded a lot on Lafayette St (near the cemetery just down from the post office) so that a “forever house of worship” could be built on the property within 5 years.

First Expansion (1926)

The small one room wooden white steeple church gave way to a larger brick church with room for childcare and other ministries. In 1926 the church moved into the brick building that still exists downtown as a wedding chapel.

New Location (1972) and Expansions (1996 and 2007)

The church needed to expand so her people bravely moved locations and built a new sanctuary that could seat almost twice the existing attendance. This new building included nursery rooms, classrooms, and a small fellowship hall.

Outreach, families, and fellowship have always been an important part of the church. As the church has grown over the years, we have chose to address the needs of our community through additional space for ministry, including a Large Fellowship Hall / Gym, rooms for children and preschool, and a Multipurpose Room.

Foreign Mission Travel Begins (2004)

We have supported the efforts of missionaries around the world with our prayers and finances since the early days. We sent our first group of international missionaries to Mexico in June 2004. The next year, we connected with El Ayudante in Nicaragua. These early efforts grew into three major foreign mission outreaches to impact 1,000 of persons in Momance, Haiti and Leon, Nicaragua.

Multiple Worship Styles Begin (2008)

What started on May 4, 2008 as a Sunday afternoon experiment in participatory worship called Water’s Edge has become an important part of our ministry today. On September 12, 2010 the first Sunday morning Contemporary worship experience was attended by 108 people, giving birth to multiple styles of worship at the church.

Major Partnership Outreach Begins (2010)

Nourishing Children in Catoosa, also known as NCIC, started in September 2010 delivering 301 snack sacks to Westside Elementary School on a weekly basis. This program continued to expand to additional schools and now served 1,600 snack sacks each week.

Recovery at Ringgold began in 2013. It is a weekly ministry that helps people in our community with “hurts, hang-ups, and habits.” Recovery is rooted in Scripture, worship, group time, and the 12-Steps.

Tornado Recovery Command Center (2011)

When a devastating class 4 tornado ripped through Ringgold on April 27, 2011 the people of our church reached out not only to their neighbors but also offered the church itself as the command center for tornado recovery. The church even postponed much needed maintenance and recovery on our own facilities until after others had been sufficiently helped in the community. Click for more info on the Ringgold Tornado, including information from the 10th Anniversary.