Next Steps

Your next move at Ringgold United Methodist Church is as unique as you are. Depending on where you are in your journey of faith, your next step is different. God constantly makes moves towards us with His love and grace. Will you choose to take a move towards God?

Come On
Join us for worship on a Sunday morning. The first step  involves joining us to check things out. (more)

Come Again
Once you have joined us for worship one time, keep coming and joining in on Sunday morning worship. (more)

Pray About What’s Next
An existing part of this process is prayer. (more)

Participate Beyond Worship

Connect with Others
Join a group and meet with others. (more)

Make it Personal
At some point in the journey of faith, it becomes personal. When God draws near to us and we are made aware of His love for us, we are faced with a response. Just like when someone gives you a gift and there is a need to receive the gift, God offers the gift of forgiveness. How will you respond to this gift? (more)

Give Back
Serve on a team. (more)

Tell Others
Sharing your faith with others is a great step along the journey of faith.

Decide to Stay
Deciding to stay usually involves a public statement of ownership. Normally, this public statement takes the form of membership. Membership involves making covenant to participate faithfully with God and the people of Ringgold UMC through a commitment to work together to accomplish God’s will.  We do that by committing to be people of prayer, giving our gifts for kingdom work, serving after the example of Christ, being present in worship and ministry, and witnessing to the love of God in Christ with others. Membership at Ringgold United Methodist Church is seen as an important part of growing in love of Jesus.  We commit to support and share the life of Jesus in intentional community and service with others.

The church is open to everyone.  To join, please notify the pastor (Pastor Ben Cathey – your desire to unite with the church.  You will be asked to affirm your vows to the faith community.   This is usually done in a worship setting so that the church body can receive and celebrate the gift of a new member.  That is, however, not a requirement for membership.   There are two ways that individuals come to membership:  on profession of faith or by a transfer of membership from another church.