At Ringgold United Methodist Church, we acknowledge our need to worship weekly and that there are many differing ways of worship in our world. In that sense, our church has two different services of gathered worship. While both are all unique in ‘the way of worship’ from acoustic to traditional, all stand as the way to express our life before God in community.

Contemporary Worship Gathering – 11:00a


The Contemporary Worship Gathering is a family-friendly service led with a full-band, mainstream Christian music, and practical teaching from the Bible that you can use in everyday life. Folks of every age have found themselves at home in this space and format.  We like to say that it’s casual…comfortable…caffeinated.  Many Contemporary worshippers come in jeans and shorts, but feel free to dress it up a little.

Traditional Worship Gathering – 9:00a


In the Traditional Worship Gathering you will find spirit-filled worship with practical teach from the Bible you can use in everyday life.  Traditional worship features choral music and favorite hymns with an emphasis on creed and liturgy in a more formal and reflective atmosphere. People of all ages participate in Traditional worship and, while many traditional worshippers dress it up a little, all clothing styles are welcomed.