Is Hell Real?

Is Hell Real?

Sisters & Brothers,

We continue our AFTER-Life theme this weekend with a message on Hell.

It’s a difficult subject for more than a few reasons. In fact, I think this is only the third time in 25 years that I’ve preached an entire sermon about it. I’ve mentioned hell many times (even doing so last week). However, to devote an entire message to this is something distinct.

Do you know that Jesus uses a word for hell that that no one else does? (It isn’t found anywhere else in the Bible with only one exception.) That word is actually where we derive most of our images for hell. Do you know that “hell” isn’t a word used in the Old Testament?

Please join us this Sunday
either in person or online,
at 9am for Traditional
or 11am for Contemporary.

Welcome to our newest Staff Member, Drew Sherrill!

Drew grew up at RUMC and was grown in his faith through our children’s and youth ministries. Before he left for college he was a regular with our Praise Band.

With his media degree, and his great love for our church, he is a perfect fit for the new position we created: Audio/Video & Lighting Coordinator.

Last Sunday was officially his first in this new role. He has done a fabulous job already making some good suggestions and was able to troubleshoot a fairly big problem we encountered last Sunday when we weren’t able to broadcast on YouTube at the 11am contemporary service.

I’m so thankful for Drew’s talent and ability and his faith in Christ. I believe he will richly bless the church by being in this new role. (By the way, Drew is also a full-time teacher at Ringgold Middle School, teaching the Media Course there.)

With regard to our continued search for a new Contemporary Worship Leader, Buddy Barnes was with us last week sharing in a leading role. He introduced a “horn section” to the contemporary sound.

This Sunday Emily (Rebne) Chandler will be guest leading.

I look forward to hearing Emily this Sunday and I enjoyed Buddy last week.

Of course, I’m also very grateful for the continued commitment of our own RUMC Praise Team. They are shouldering this transition much more than the rest of us and I’m thankful for their willingness to keep focused on, and help us all actually, stay focused on worshiping God.

During this transition time, I’ve asked Tiffini Fleck to be our Interim Contemporary Coordinator. She is doing all the behind the scenes work and essentially helping us “hold things together.” I really appreciate it and she’s done a great job. Thank you Tiffini!

Lastly, I want to share the good news that our entire facility has gotten an internet upgrade.

We have brand new equipment throughout the building and with it more access points!

You should no longer have any problems getting online or using a mobile device at RUMC.

This was a critical step in our offering online opportunities throughout our building from Sunday School to children’s ministry to any and all our ministries.

Of course this also ensures that our online worship experience isn’t disrupted (from our end).

Ms. Britta was particularly excited as this upgrade means that we now can fully take advantage of both our top quality software and hardware check-in systems for expedient and effective check-ins with our children and nursery ministries when things get back to being more normal. (No more tears shed over the check-in systems being down or not working or taking forever.)

I know it may seem like things are standing still or otherwise church isn’t “super-happening” right now (along with lots of other things in our lives). However, we are still working and moving in the right direction forward. In fact, in some ways we’re working harder than we ever have.

This internet upgrade was an important initial step to increase member and new visitor connection within our congregation. Other steps will take place in the weeks ahead but I wanted you to know that your Staff and other Church Leaders are busy, at times very busy, to meet this current situation we find ourselves in, head on and improve on our mission and ministry.

My hope and goal is that we wouldn’t just survive this pandemic but that as a church we would end up THRIVING because of the steps we took during it.

Much more to come but this is an exciting and practical initial step.


P.S. We’re now into the dry goods collection portion of our annual Children’s Celebration of Christmas (Dec 12, 4pm) mission. Dry goods can be brought in this Sunday and then during normal church office hours. REMINDER: The Church Office is closed next week for Thanksgiving. So if you don’t get a chance to bring in items this Sunday, do so the next or the week after Thanksgiving.