It’s a New Year. Is it a NEW YOU?

It’s a New Year. Is it a NEW YOU?

Sisters and Brothers,

It’s a New Year but is it a NEW YOU?

How do you feel? Tired? Hopeful? Anxious?

The current worship theme “Getting Into Shape” can help. Listen to a sermon you’ve missed. I’ve taught about Mental Health and this last week, Financial Heath. This Sunday I’m working on a message about Emotional Health.

Do yourself a favor, make sure to be in worship or join us online:
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It’s easy to remember, “Ringgold U – M – C dot TV.”

You know, one of the most emotionally healthy things we can do is admit we need God’s church.

It’s so easy to “check out” of church without realizing that part of what we’re saying if we do is “I don’t need to grow,” (or worse) “I’m already perfectly living out my faith in this world all on my own.”

I know people really don’t think they’ve “got it all together;” and/or that they’re “already a perfect Christian.” And yet, I know people sometimes struggle to realize that Church is God’s plan to grow us towards perfection.

(And there is no back-up plan.)

I need church and so do you. I need others. I need Bible Study and small groups and worship and opportunities to serve because all of it helps me to see where I need to grow, to rid myself of the constant problem of hypocrisy.

I need church because it exposes the gap between my faith and who I actually am.

See you this Sunday, in person or online.

Then pick one other way to make sure you are GROWING right now.

Read below for some specific opportunities:

  • Disciple New Testament Bible Study:  Bobby is offering a Sunday class from 5pm-6:30pm. It’s both in person and online. This group has started with this week being the first week of readings, but it’s not too late to get involved. Email Bobby NOW (or use the sign up link).

    I’m also offering a Disciple New Testament study on Wednesdays starting Jan 27th6-7:30pm.  Sign Up Here.

  • Manage Money God’s Way: Led by our one of our two Lay Leaders, Marty McGee, this seven week group combines videos by well known Christians speakers and leaders with group reflection and study. Class BEGINS THIS SUNDAY, 5pm-6:30pm. Cost is minimal at $10/workbook. (Couples can use the same workbook.) Sign Up Here.

  • FAMILY SMALL GROUP: Do you ever struggle to offer love in a way that is received as it is intended by your child or even your spouse? What about receiving expressions of love from them? Ever get frustrated by their not appreciating your attempts to show them how much you care about them?  Ever feel awkward about their ways of trying to show how much they care about you?  GET UP TO SPEED ON “LOVE LANGUAGES”.  On the two LAST Sundays of January (starts this Sunday), and the two LAST Sundays in February and the two FIRST Sundays in March, Britta will be leading FAMILIES in a study on the five basic love languages, 5pm-6:30pm.
  • Haiti Friends of Momance: $300 supports a student for an entire year. (There are 175 students) All gifts make an impact. This gift provides everything from breakfast & lunch to dental and other medical care to their actual education which of course is the gateway for them to have a better life. Sponsor a student and feel the joy of knowing that gift will make a difference for 365 days!

  • Nicaragua Mission Trips have once again been placed on hold. Thank you for your ongoing support. We look forward to continuing to plan a future trip with the increase of vaccinations world-wide and the lifting of travel restrictions due to Covid-19.
  • SOUP-ER Bowl of Caring (Christ Chapel Food Drive) RETURNS. Hey get ready for our second annual “soup-er bowl.” Our canned food and dry goods drive returns in support of Christ Chapel Care & Share Mission here in Ringgold. We’ll once again make it into a friendly competition knowing the real winner is the good work being done in the name of Christ.

  • NCIC (our weekly food bag) mission is looking for folks to help prep on Sunday nights, 7pm, and then to pack on Mondays at 2pm. If you’re in H.S. and are “virtual” on Mondays, this is an opportunity for you to serve (and get community service hours if you need or want them.)

Don’t waste this year! Time goes by so fast, pandemic or not.

You have to actively, intentionally decide to grow in order for things to be different.

And remember, rarely do we change all at once.

Normally it is as we intentionally take steps as best we can, consistently over time that we look back and realize we have grown, that things are different, that we have gotten better.

Let’s get into shape together!

P.S. I led my first LSGT (Local School Government Team) meeting as Chairman/President of the Ringgold Elementary School last Friday. It has been a joy to get involved in this way. I also wanted you to know that we (Ringgold UMC) sponsored Ringgold Elementary School’s All-Faculty Lunch right before school began a few weeks ago. It was a mandatory all day seminar and we purchased their lunch from Richard’s Restaurant (Richard is also a member of RUMC). I was also able to email each teacher a prayer of blessing for the new semester.