Lent: As Bad as Judas (Day 37)

Lent: As Bad as Judas (Day 37)

Read: Matthew 26:14-25

Reflect: I’m sure we all have been betrayed at one point in our lives. Maybe it was not as bad as how Jesus was betrayed by Judas, but we all have been betrayed on some level at some point. I’m also sure we all have betrayed someone before, at some point on some level.

When you think about it, we’re all as bad as Judas in some way. We have all betrayed Jesus at some point in our lives. Either by disobeying His word, or flat out saying we don’t trust him, or even worse. We may not have sold Him to the high priests for thirty pieces of silver, but we have sinned against Him.

Now, I’m positive you never meant to betray Jesus. In fact, I’m sure you never wanted to in the first place. But because we’re human, we have a tendency to make mistakes, and sin, betraying Jesus in the process. We can do our best to change our ways by being more careful about what we watch, say, and do, but that can only get us so far before we mess up in other ways. We need Jesus’ help and the Holy Spirit’s help, and we need it bad. How do we get that help? We ask, and pray.

If you happen to be like me then praying can be difficult at times. But a little “trick” I’ve learned is to think of prayer as an all day long conversation with God. By “checking in” with Him from time to time (every hour or so), it has the potential to help us make sure we’re staying on the right track, and we can avoid betraying Him. So let’s start that conversation now and close with a prayer.

Pray: Dear Father, I am truly sorry for betraying you as much as I do. Please help me be more like you and live a holier life for your glory. In your loving name I pray, amen.