Lent: Fill it to the Rim (Day 33)

Lent: Fill it to the Rim (Day 33)

Read: Matthew 10:42

Reflect: How do we give?

Who do we serve?

What are the reasons?

God fills us to the rim with purity and leads us to make the decision of who, when, and why we serve.

God gives us the ability to open our hearts to help those who are thirsty and we must stop and be still so we can see where he is leading us. Then, we decide whether to obey or not. Once we start pouring God’s cup of water, it is so easy to continue.

How amazing it is. Once we start passing the cup, God makes it easier to see the needs of those on our path. It is wonderful when God washes dirt away from our eyes allowing us to see all the cups that need to be filled.

As we realize others around us are trying to fill their cups, we are more determined to help them fill their cups to the rim through the love of Jesus Christ. This is what God intended for us to accomplish, reach out and help pass the cup of water until we are all flooded with the Holy Spirit.

God is there every day to help us make sure we pass our cup of water and to share the love of Christ.

Pray: Dear Lord, I ask you to flood us with your love and grace, that we are always ready to help fill the cups you place in front of us, glorifying your name in all. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.