Lent: Palm Sunday (Day 35)

Read: Mark 11:1-10

Reflect: I always imagine that this scene, of Palm Sunday, was full of excitement. As a child I would wave palm branches as vigorously as I could and shout “Hosanna!” as loudly as I could as I acted out this scene in Sunday School, imagining that I was welcoming Jesus to my city. Now that I’m older, I wonder how long this excitement continued for the people and if it was even there for the disciples to begin with. I’d say that this was a time of unknowns and unexpected events, starting with Jesus’ entry to the city. Jesus made what we call a “triumphal entrance,” but these people were expecting something different. They were expecting a King, probably with a prepared, loud entrance with soldiers protecting him and dressed in royal clothes. Instead, the people witnessed a simply dressed and quiet man making a humble entrance with a few friends following behind. I’d also think the disciples were quite unsure of what was to unfold in the future days. I imagine there was much anxiety among them.

The people Jesus passed shouted praise to their new King whom they expected would establish the earthly kingdom of David. However, as the days followed they would go on to question this King that had made such a humble entrance. Their questioning would eventually turn into mocking and distrust that would accompany Christ to the cross. The King that made a triumphant, yet simple, entrance into Jerusalem was much more than an earthly King– He was the Savior of the world. Although the disciples had been told that this was going to happen it was as if they couldn’t even begin to imagine what this meant for all people. This exciting scene on Palm Sunday was unexpected, but it was the next big and important step in the most wonderful and amazing story of redemption ever told.

Pray: Lord, thank you for your amazing plan to rescue and save me. Help me to trust that you are always in control and your plans are more than I could ever hope for or imagine. Amen.