Lent: The Pure Spiritual Milk (Day 31)

Lent: The Pure Spiritual Milk (Day 31)

Read: 1 Peter 2:2-3

Reflect: There’s a new restaurant in Chattanooga that offers all you can eat Brazilian bar-b-que meat. If I had it my way, I would eat there at least once a week. I love meat. Protein in almost any form is so succulent and delicious to my pallet. If you are anything like me, your mouth is now literally watering.

Beyond protein, since I am a bit of a food critic, there are specific menu items I get at specific restaurant, and it does not take me long to figure out who has the best–the best Mexican, the best sushi, and more.

What Peter is trying to get at through our passage today is that we should, just like newborns, crave and seek after the true milk. There cannot be any fakes or substitutes. With our spiritual nourishment, there cannot be an almond milk, non-dairy, or other phonies.

Peter urges us, and God urges us even now to seek after the real nourishment of 100% pure, all-natural, organic spiritual milk.

In other words, there are no substitutes or shortcuts for spiritual growth. It takes dedication, work, trial-and-error, and personal experience (among other things) to grow your faith. Faithful attendance in worship, participation in study with others, service in leadership, sharing our faith, and taking bold steps for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Each thing is essential. Each ingredient is required.

Pray: God, put a craving in me that can only be satisfied by Your pure spiritual milk. Help me to grow in my commitment to follow you. Amen.