Lent: Transforming Love (Day 40)

Lent: Transforming Love (Day 40)

Read: Isaiah 53:4-9

Reflect: Have you ever taken the time to consider what God chose to do and what Jesus chose to do to save us from ourselves?

You see, all humankind is condemned from the day of the first sin in the Garden of Eden; the first act of disobedience. God’s choice to offer His only son to atone for our sins was an act of indescribable love and Jesus’ choice to die for us was an act of indescribable obedience through love.

Think about the descriptors in the passage of Jesus’ suffering. He was sorrowful, wounded, crushed, chastised, stricken oppressed, afflicted and despised. All for our sake; all because of the abject love he has for us.
Do you love anyone so much that you would go through all of this for them?

That is a strong question. Jesus did this for us through obedience to the Father rooted in love for Him and in love for us.

When you think about it, Jesus requires the same from us, obedience rooted in love. Through this love and obedience our lives and the lives of those we touch are transformed through Christ.

Pray: Lord, make us a people who love God and love others in the same way God loves us as we share the good news of Christ to our world. Amen.