Bobby Fleck

Bobby Fleck

Bobby is an extroverted person who loves a good chat with someone at a coffee shop or just getting to know someone.

Bobby is the Director of Connections, which means he leads a team of folks who oversee helping people connect into the life of the church from guest, to member, to servant. He is also the Director of Communications, which means he oversees all the communications efforts of the church.

Bobby holds a Master of Divinity degree at Candler School of Theology in Formation and Witness, and Bobby attended Mercer University where he graduated with a degree in Christianity and a minor in Information Technology. Bobby’s ministry experiences have included several foreign mission trips, work with media and communications, and youth ministry development and leadership. Bobby also served a four year tenure as principal at a K-12 Christian school with about 200 students and 30 staff members.

He is married to Tiffini and has triplet girls, Hannah, Isabella, and Sophia, who are affectionately called the Fleckletts.

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