Safe Practices for Attending Worship

Safe Practices for Attending Worship

As you attend in-person worship at Ringgold United Methodist Church, please be aware of these Safe Practice Guidelines.

Read the eNote from Pastor Chris concerning our plans to re-open for in-person worship.

UPDATE: Pre-registration for in-person worship is no longer required. Show up and worship with us in-person at 9a for Traditional Worship and 11a for Contemporary Worship.

Masks Required

Masks are required inside the building for 6th graders and older. Please bring a mask from home. Any face covering is fine. If you are unable to bring a mask from home or if you forget your mask, one will be provided to you as you enter.

Wash Hands Often

Personal hygiene is very important in this time. Please wash your hands for at least 30 seconds.

Avoid Close Contact

Please maintain a 6ft distance between you and other persons at all times while in the building. An exception to this guideline is that members of the same immediate family are able to stay and sit together.

Follow Marked Directions

As you enter, you will see multiple signs and directions that help to direct the flow of movement in the building. Please enter the building for worship from the Nashville Street Parking Lot. Other entrances will not be accessible at this time.

Stay With Immediate Family Members

All family members need to remain with their family at this time. We will not have a separate nursery, kids, or youth experience in this time, so kids will need to remain with their family.

Sit In Designated Pews

We have marked off every other pew as a way to help us maintain physical distance in the sanctuary. Please sit in designated pews.

Worship Notes

We are not able to hand out paper bulletins in this time.

Offering will be received via baskets at the entrance exit doors in the Narthex adjacent to the sanctuary. Alternatively, give online here.

We encourage participation in worship in ways that do not include congregational singing. Out of caution for exhaled aerosol droplets, we are not going to have congregational singing in this time. Our worship gatherings will still have singing from our musicians and vocalists, so we encourage you to clap, stomp, raise your hands, or participate in other ways.