Sermons on Luke


We all believe we are available to our family and friends, but what does it mean to be available to God?  When we make ourselves available to God we are no longer concerned with the who, what, when and where. We simply make ourselves available and God handles the details.  Open the door for the…

Jesus brings PEACE to our unsettled world

Jesus was born bringing deep and lasting peace.  Jesus brings peace in many forms, but ultimately his peace moves beyond mere “peace after conflict” or “peace from conflict” toward a deeper, richer, and longer lasting peace. A lasting peace that happens when God and people are reconciled to each other.   Message by Rev. Chris Stallings…

Jesus gives JOY to our Fearful World

Right after the angel told the shepherds not to be afraid, the angel told them that he was bringing good news that would bring great joy to all people.  The angel was referring to the birth of Jesus.  How does the good news bring joy to our fearful world? Key Scripture: Luke 2:8-20


Here’s a fearless reality… Be fearlessly honest with God and find the fearlessness of faith.  Even the hairs of your head are all numbered.  Fear not; you are of more value than many sparrows. Key Verses: Luke 12:1-7

Something More

As the text reveals that Mary and Joseph did not expect Jesus to be so wise and well prepared even to teach in the temple, Jesus continues to do the unexpected, the miraculous, and the awe-inspiring in our midst even today. When we make room for Jesus as Lord and Savior, Jesus does something more…