Sermons on Matthew

Sermons on Matthew

Ash Wednesday

What do we do when we are tempted to escape early? How do we stay faithful in the midst of tempting moments even during Lent this year? Rev. Jamie Ellis leads us through an explanation of what it means for us as followers of Jesus to be in wilderness moments. Key Text: Matthew 4:1-11

What’s Next?

Life is a journey. Seeking and believing in Jesus are only the first steps. How do you move from just believing, to being a disciple and then a disciple-maker of Jesus? Key text: Matthew 28:18-20 (NIV)

What About When…Forgiveness is Tough and Messy

Forgiveness is the basic way that we put love into action. Once we understand the importance of forgiveness, we usually also struggle with situations where forgiveness seems tough or even impossible. What do we do in those situations? What is forgiveness and what is forgiveness not?

I Believe…In The Forgiveness of Sins

Of all the beliefs that the early church could have included in its beliefs, they chose to state, “We believe in the forgiveness of sins.” It is that being forgiven by God and forgiving others that are hallmarks of the Christian faith. Do you believe in the forgiveness of sins?