Sermons on Romans

All the parts

A church is designed to function like a body where many parts come together to create a healthy, unified whole.  As spiritual bodies we can outpace our physical bodies – will we be a couch potato church or an X games church? Key text: Romans 12:1-13 


These three things go together: Mysterious. Misunderstood. Holy Spirit.  Join us as we pull back the veil and explain the work of the Holy Spirit in practical, useful terms.  The work of the Spirit is very important in the life of all Christians.  How can we become more sensitive to this work? Key Verses: 1…

Jesus brings PEACE to our unsettled world

Jesus was born bringing deep and lasting peace.  Jesus brings peace in many forms, but ultimately his peace moves beyond mere “peace after conflict” or “peace from conflict” toward a deeper, richer, and longer lasting peace. A lasting peace that happens when God and people are reconciled to each other.   Message by Rev. Chris Stallings…

My Mess Is Bigger Than Me

Our personal messes can be overwhelming.  We often think we have the tools to deal with them.  We try, but we fail.  At the end of the day, we are powerless.  Our greatest hope comes when we give Jesus access to our mess.  Is Jesus involved in your mess?  Key Verses: Romans 7:18-20 & 25

My Mess 1.0

We all have messes.  What causes our messes?  Sometimes it’s me.  Sometimes it’s someone else.  Sometimes it’s just the stuff around me.  But we all have them.  Join us as we begin the journey of addressing the messes in our lives.  No perfect, just better. Key Texts:  Hebrews 12:1 & 2 and Romans 7:15-20

Opening The Door

A church is a collection of people who have made the decision to become followers of Jesus Christ. Have you made the decision to be a follower of Jesus? How does someone become a Christian? Listen for yourself or for a friend. Key Verse: Romans 10:9

Party On The Porch

The E word – it scares most followers of Jesus into a frozen paralysis of hoping someone else will do it. However, without the E word there would be no followers to begin with. Evangelism! In this message we explore what evangelism looks like in today’s world if it is both doable and fruitful. Key…