Deeply Committed

Deeply Committed

Cycle of Commitment

Commitment happens in cycles. we get closer to Jesus. He gets closer to us. We get content or too satisfied instead of growing, and we tend to drift. The Holy Spirit convicts us of our distance away, and we move closer again. Instead of beating ourselves up because of this cycle, what can we learn from it? Join is as Pastor Chris gives us some insight and challenges us in it all.


Intimacy is about being deeply committed. It is less about intensity and more closely related to the actual engine of our closeness with Jesus as we follow after Him. Key Text: Matthew 16:15-18 NLT


To be deeply committed means that we are personally committed. If it’s not personal, it’s superficial and hypothetical. Commitment requires something of ourselves as we invest and give of ourselves to what’s at stake. Join in as Pastor Chris takes us further in the Deeply Committed worship theme today. Key Text: Matthew 20:1-15 CEB

New Values

As we go deeper in our commitment with Jesus, our previous values are replaced with Kingdom values. Our actual values (not necessarily the ones that we state) primarily determine the actions we take. Key Texts: Matthew 13:44-46

Be Bold

As we begin a new series on being “Deeply Committed,” let’s be bold! Being bold is less about my having courage and more about trusting God’s faithfulness. Key Text: Matthew 14:22-32 ESV