God's Vision > Our Hope

Plans For Good

It was REVEAL SUNDAY!  The commitments made through our God’s Vision > Our Hope Campaign have just been shared in worship – a moment of celebration over what God has done in the last 6 weeks and for what is to come!  Listen as Rev. Ben Cathey helps us to see God’s promises for a…

God’s Vision > Our Hope

Here’s a very practical message about God’s Vision & Our Hope.  Anytime we invest financially in God’s work, it is an act of trust.   When we do this we bravely declare that God is our help, our shield, and the rejoicing in our hearts… instead of letting the things we could have afforded with the…

An Unusual Grief

The Bible tells Christ followers that they don’t grieve like “others who have no hope.”  In this message Ben describes the hope that allows followers of Jesus to grieve differently.  Listen here as we seek to give comfort and provide meaning on All Saints Day. Key Verse: 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18

Living Our Hope

When we start tapping into God’s vision for our lives we have to live it. We can’t talk about it, think about it, study about, dream about it. We have to put our hand to the plow and not look back. Key Passage: Luke 9:57-62

Finding God’s Vision

When we look for God’s vision for life we often start at the wrong place.  We start with me, myself, and I.  But the Bible teaches something different about God’s vision for our lives.  When we come to terms with the fact that everything was created for and through God, we start finding our vision…

Anchor Down

“This hope” in Hebrews 6:19 refers to the promises of God.  If our future is to be as God intends then we must lean into God’s promises in the present.  Theses promises are our hope, and they become an anchor for our souls. Key Verse – Hebrews 6:19