Sermons on challenge

Sermons on challenge

More Than Wishing

The kind of hope that God provides is way more than a wish. It’s not like throwing a quarter in a fountain and blindly fantasizing about things. God’s hope is never-ending and solid. It is a sure thing. Key Text: Romans 5:3-5 NLT

Waiting for Suddenly

While we would like to be adjusting to a “new normal,” we are still very much in the middle of uncertain times. What do we do now?

Please Pass the Faith

Have you ever been at a family gathering and wanted a particular food item that was out of reach at another part of the table? You probably can remember this feeling vividly as a child. As frustrating as it is to have food just out of reach, there may be something a bit more essential just out of reach of our kids and teenagers. It has been said that we are always one generation away from the extinction of the…

Realize It Won’t Be Easy

Key text: Nehemiah 4:1-9 (MSG) Failure is a part of the plan. What do you do when your aspirations do not match your actual progress? Realizing it won’t be easy is essential to accomplishing any goal. Perfection is not going to happen, but how do you continue to make progress? Watch/listen for some much needed guidance… To help with this worship theme, we have created a Listening Guide and Action Points for each week. Click the PDF link above to…