Sermons on Church


To dwell is to live or exist in a certain place.  The Bible tells us that God is building a holy temple with the lives of those who are joined together in Christ.  It is in this temple that God dwells – takes up residence, exists.  It is in this temple where we dwell with…

All the parts

A church is designed to function like a body where many parts come together to create a healthy, unified whole.  As spiritual bodies we can outpace our physical bodies – will we be a couch potato church or an X games church? Key text: Romans 12:1-13 

Same and Different

Ecclesia, the ancient word for church, was actually a common word used for any assembly of people that gathered separate from others for a specific cause.  Our cause is Christ.  In him we are the same.  In him we are different than the world around us. Key text: 1 Corinthians 1:1-3

The Mess of Church

Church is never perfect because it’s filled with imperfect people.  Sometimes churches have to make big decisions and sometimes those decisions require the people in the church to change habits or reconsider attitudes. Join us as we discuss a big decision at Ringgold UMC and how it can affect the life of our church. Key…

In The House

What we do in the House of God matters. A church is incomplete if it only focuses on getting people in the front door. Accepting Jesus as Savior is the defining moment in our faith journey, but it is not the end of the journey. Growing in the grace and knowledge of Jesus is the…