Sermons on Finances

Sermons on Finances

Financial Health

What financial goals do you have for this year? Most people want to get their finances into shape but very few people actually do. Join in as Pastor Chris both challenges us about our financial health and provides practical wisdom to help us get it into shape. Key Text: Luke 12:15-21 NLT

At the Mall

Our second stop on the “Christmas Places” theme is “At The Mall.” The hustle and bustle of the mall can provide an exciting opportunity for deals and sales, but it can also provide a great deal of stress with picking the right gift and managing the crowds of people. So much of shopping focuses on wants and consumption. What if we took more time to serve this Christmas? Key Texts: Revelation 3:17-18 (NIV); Proverbs 10:2 (NIV)

Save All You Can

John Wesley’s advice rings so true now for us to “save all we can.” What we do when we have prepares us for the times when we don’t have. Let’s talk about what we can learn from that advice and other proverbial wise sayings for our lives today. Key Text: Genesis 41:46-49, 53-57 (NIV)

Wisdom for the Ages

Proverbs is wisdom for the ages, and it has a lot to say about money and preparing for the rainy day. Proverbs contains 63 verses referring to money: how we should value it; use it; and, its importance and danger. Key Texts: Proverbs 3:9 (NLT); 11:25-28 (TNIV)