Sermons on Love

The Foundation of Our Hope

There is much more to this statement, “Jesus is the foundation of our hope”, than meets the eye.  What will we live for in the coming year?  Will we love for acceptance or from it?  June us as we tap into biblical wisdom that will give hope for the new year?

Love All

Jesus conversation with a teacher of religious law changes the world because it changes what we do with our notions of love.  Is love a feeling, a crush, a pursuit, or something more?  Jesus challenges us to consider how love covers everything we do, and to ask if love is the motive for our decisions.…

Love All

What does God want from the people of Ringgold United Methodist Church?  Based on a year-long journey of congregational self-discovery, this series explores the best attributes that describe us while also challenging us to gather around our mission.  As a church “We Love, Because God Loves.”  We gain strength to love when we know that…