Sermons on Mission

Our Mission

The Mission of Ringgold United Methodist Church is Making Disciples of Jesus Christ for the Transformation of the World.  Join us as Rev. John Pinson, District Superintendent of Northwest Georgia shares about God’s desire to see this mission fulfilled.  We have to be Salt & Light! Key Verses: Matthew 5:13-16

Love as Jesus Loves

Jesus set an extraordinary example of how to love – and to his followers he gave a new command that created a higher standard, a command that challenged his disciples to take the world by storm with a love that could not be denied.  As you hear this command, how might you find new ways to love those in your…

Something More

As the text reveals that Mary and Joseph did not expect Jesus to be so wise and well prepared even to teach in the temple, Jesus continues to do the unexpected, the miraculous, and the awe-inspiring in our midst even today. When we make room for Jesus as Lord and Savior, Jesus does something more…

Uncharted Territory

Key verses: Isaiah 6 In this passage we find the famous words, “Here I am Lord, Send Me!” These words are given in the context of some pretty incredible things though… God’s glory and holiness fill the temple and cause to want to repent of his sins. This cleansing produces a call on his life.