Sermons on New

Sermons on New

(I’VE Had) The Time of My Life

Welcome to week one of SONGS OF SUMMER, a worship theme series for the summer that will explore a vision of “The Beloved Community” found in the Letters of John. What would it take for us as a church and a fellowship of followers of Jesus to live into vision of a community that embraces the love of God in all that we do?

Baptized In the Spirit

At Pentecost, we celebrate God’s gift of the Holy Spirit, which became available to Jesus followers. Christians believe that a personal (not private) relationship with God is possible because God comes to dwell WITHIN the heart, soul and life of every believer as the Holy Spirit. You are invited to receive the Holy Spirit and life into the new life made available because of the Holy Spirit.

New Birth

It’s Easter! Let’s celebrate the New Birth brought about by Jesus Christ through the power of the Resurrection!

What’s Missing

Many people were (and still are) waiting for the arrival of someone to revolutionize the world. We have a way of so creating in our minds a picture of someone or something that would make things better that we have missed the arrival of Jesus as a baby more than 2000 years ago. Not only have many missed him, but much is missing in our own lives because of this mistaken picture of the coming king. Key Text: Matthew 2:1-12…

New Beginnings

Now, more than ever, we need to begin afresh. Things may not be as we want, but there is a great need for us to restart and begin again. The Good News is that God is an expert at new beginnings and fresh starts. In this worship theme, you will be encouraged to invite God to begin a new work in you as you start fresh. Key Text: Isaiah 43:18-21 NRSV