Sermons on Relationships

Sermons on Relationships

Baptized In the Spirit

At Pentecost, we celebrate God’s gift of the Holy Spirit, which became available to Jesus followers. Christians believe that a personal (not private) relationship with God is possible because God comes to dwell WITHIN the heart, soul and life of every believer as the Holy Spirit. You are invited to receive the Holy Spirit and life into the new life made available because of the Holy Spirit.

Transformative Love

Love transforms and provides the support necessary for real transformation and change. Listen and join in as we talk about Transformative Love today. Key Text: 1 John 4:7-21 ESV

Family Dinner

Our third stop on the “Christmas Places” theme is “Family Dinner (Eat, Argue… or Both?).” The family dinner table at Christmas (or otherwise) can be full of fun, laughter, and memories. It can also be a time of tension, arguing, and fussing. What would it take for us to redeem these moments? What might our Christmas Family Dinner look like this year? It will probably be different as some of our family may not be present.

What About When…Forgiveness is Tough and Messy

Forgiveness is the basic way that we put love into action. Once we understand the importance of forgiveness, we usually also struggle with situations where forgiveness seems tough or even impossible. What do we do in those situations? What is forgiveness and what is forgiveness not?