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3 Questions

Everyone Must Answer

October 28, November 4, 11

It’s a basic idea. It’s a simple set of questions. Why do I need Jesus? Why do I need Church? Why do I need this Church? 3 questions every Christian should be able to answer. Learn how to better answer them. The answers you find will not only help you but those you care about.

Messages in this Theme

  • October 28 – Why Do I Need Jesus?
  • November 4 – Why Do I Need The Church?
  • November 11 – Why Do I Need This Church?

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Nothing But Net

Basketball, Lacrosse, and Volleyball are team sports where each player is expected to do the same role at any time. There are specialists, but each player is basically required to do the same things as others in each game. These sports are similar to the Christian Walk in that we share a similar calling to…

Come Home

In this special combined traditional and contemporary worship gathering, Pastor Chris Bryant shares about the work of reconciliation that God has done for us and the important task that each of us have for reconciliation towards each other. Key Text: 2 Corinthians 5:18-20

Forgiving Myself

Not forgiving yourself ends up leaving you tied up in knots like ropes tied around your wrists. Not receiving forgiveness for yourself personally will leave you feeling inadequate and paralyzed. This unwillingness to forgive himself is what led Judas down the path of inescapable regret and pain. We have more in our lives to compare…