Current Worship Theme: LENT

Lent is a deep tradition within Christian Spirituality. It has great meaning and an important role. Yet it can quickly become a “routine,” empty, religious exercise lacking in feeling or transformative power. This year, why not use this Christian season for life-change. Why not give up something that actually matters?

Messages in This Theme:

  • Mar 01 – Give Up Worry
  • Mar 08 – Give Up My Need To Be Right
  • Mar 15 – Give Up Complaining, Criticizing, & Blaming Others
  • Mar 22 – Give Up Expectations
  • Mar 29 – Give Up Spending Money I Don’t Have
  • Apr 05 – Give Up Excuses

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With cautionary advice to avoid social proximity to others and pandemic with COVID-19, we are in exceptional times.

Give Up My Need To Be Right

With frequent rants both publicly and on social media, we are constantly engaged with others who are simultaneously very opinionated and easily offended.

Give Up Worry

Worry about things changes nothing, but what should we do when we are concerned? Not being concerned about things that matters is negligent. What should we do when we are overly-anxious and paralyzed by inaction? Listen for more… Key Texts: Mark 4:26-29

Us/Them vs. Our Father

Instead of seeing the world as us and them, those who are in and those who are out, what would it look like to see everyone as a part of the same family, the family of God?