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Gluttony is deadly because it takes something that is good and over-consumes or overuses it until it becomes toxic.  Gluttony is says that if a little is good, more is better, and unlimited is best . . . but that’s not hardly ever true.  Come discover how to protect yourself from harm and live with…


I am weak. God is Strong. Lust is deadly because lust pushes us beyond healthy boundaries. It is an intense or unrestrained craving to possess something or someone that does not belong to you.  Come discover how to protect yourself from harm and live with freedom and joy inside of God’s best interests for your…

Richly Blessing

When we figure out what to do with what we have.  When we believe we are rich.  When we live out the wisdom that Godliness with contentment is great gain.  When we behave richly.  When our money is a tool that we use instead of something that enslaves us.  Then we can richly bless others…


Do you live below your means? Could you if you tried? Join in as we look to scripture for wisdom and encouragement for behaving richly. One of our biggest issues when it comes to money is we forget that it is a tool. Many of us have confused the tool for the Master. When we…


In this series we don’t want something from you and much as we want something for you. Bring rich begin by believing you’re rich. What is rich anyway? Join us as we explore 1 Timothy 6 to unpack how godliness and contentment lead to great gain. Key Scripture: 1 Timothy 6:6-10

Living Our Hope

Beyond circumstances, things, experiences, and relationships our true hope rests in the love and acceptance we find through Jesus.  This hope we find is Jesus is not a passive addition to our lives, for every follower of Jesus this hope become the core of our lives and drives us to action.  Join us as we…

The Foundation of Our Hope

There is much more to this statement, “Jesus is the foundation of our hope”, than meets the eye.  What will we live for in the coming year?  Will we love for acceptance or from it?  June us as we tap into biblical wisdom that will give hope for the new year?

Prince of Peace

In a world filled with violence and rumors of war, it’s difficult to see how a promise from 2700 years ago could be real.  But physical safety, material stability, and political harmony don’t necessarily reflect the kind of peace Jesus brings.  Listen and find out more. Key text: Isaiah 9:6