Advent Worship Theme

Experience the Journey

December 2, 9, 16, 23, 24

Christmas is a well-known story… perhaps too well known for our own good.

Have we gotten it right? Have we imagined the details correctly? Have we truly appreciated the circumstances?

The creator of the universe comes among us, not as a conquering emperor living in the lap of luxury, but in the form of a helpless baby, born of a peasant, conceived out of wedlock, raised as the son of a migrant-carpenter in an obscure village…

In other words, it’s a journey of how God used people like us to change the world.

This journey could change your faith, your world, forever.

Messages in this Theme

  • December 2 – Find Mary at Nazareth
  • December 9 – Discover Joseph at Bethlehem
  • December 16 – Visit Elizabeth at Ein Karem
  • December 23 – Travel the Road from Nazareth to Bethlehem
  • December 24 – Arrive at the Manger (Christmas Eve)

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Giving <=> Thanks

Drawing from Nehemiah’s directions to rededicate the temple in Jerusalem and restore sacrificial acts in Israel, this message moves outside of ourselves and our own thankfulness to God and into how thankfulness should spill out on others. The challenge for Nehemiah and for us is how to give thanks in the midst of the ruins.…

Nothing But Net

Basketball, Lacrosse, and Volleyball are team sports where each player is expected to do the same role at any time. There are specialists, but each player is basically required to do the same things as others in each game. These sports are similar to the Christian Walk in that we share a similar calling to…