Current Worship Theme

Are We There Yet?

Summers are known for vacations and trips and fun but also, long drives, complaining kids, unexpected (and unfortunate) happenings. The infamous question from the back seat can also describe some parts of our spiritual lives.

Messages in this Worship Theme

  • June 16 – “Wait” & Other Things I Don’t Like Hearing
  • June 23 – Kids & Other Joyful and Frustrating Ways to See God
  • June 30 – Accepting Jesus & Other Ways To Experience God’s Grace
  • July 07 – Retirement & Other Things That Don’t Exist in the Kingdom
  • July 14 – Fasting & Other Spiritual Practices I’d Rather Not Do
  • July 21 – Self-Control & Other Ways I’m Not Very Good
  • July 28 – Sibling Fights & Other Problems In Church
  • August 04 – Sabbath & Other Important (But Ignored) Life Rhythms

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