Current Worship Theme

Growing Pains

Whether it is in our personal lives or through our experiences with our children or grandchildren we know the bitter sweet feelings of growing pains. Churches can experience something similar. As the school year comes to a close and as we embrace a plethora of life-transitions, let’s spend some time contemplating what we’re going through as individuals, as families, as a church.

Messages in this Worship Theme

  • May 05 – Change Isn’t Always the Enemy
  • May 12 – Just Breathe…”Lord, help me get to the finish line”
  • May 19 – Step Back And See the Big Picture
  • May 26 – Transitions: Letting Go & Staying Hopeful
  • June 02 –Already Outgrown: Bigger Than We’ve Been, Smaller Than We Think

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Please Pass the Faith

Have you ever been at a family gathering and wanted a particular food item that was out of reach at another part of the table? You probably can remember this feeling vividly as a child. As frustrating as it is to have food just out of reach, there may be something a bit more essential…