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Messages (Page 11)

Freedom to Love

In our currently politically charged environment, how do we love one another? Our response to the “other(s)” in our lives really does matter, so how do we respond when others are different or not like us?

God is calling us to love one another.

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I Believe…In The Forgiveness of Sins

Of all the beliefs that the early church could have included in its beliefs, they chose to state, “We believe in the forgiveness of sins.” It is that being forgiven by God and forgiving others that are hallmarks of the Christian faith. Do you believe in the forgiveness of sins?

Don’t Let Stopping Points Become Staying Places

Stopping points are natural and unavoidable part of life. Things don’t work out. Life changes, often out of our control. BUT, these stopping points (where life can no longer be the same as it has been) doesn’t have to become permanent staying places. In the greatest story ever told we find all we need for continually fresh starts and new beginnings. Resurrection isn’t just something that happened, by the power of the Holy Spirit, resurrection HAPPENS in us and our…

Receive the Holy Spirit

Everyone needs down time. Everyone needs rest. Everyone wants relaxation. Everyone wishes life could be easier. Summer recreation is only a small part of the answer. The Holy Spirit offers us Re-Creation. Are you ready for God-life to FILL yours? We invite you to seek the re-energizing Spirit-wind Jesus had, for your tired sails.

Both An Invitation & A Command

22 times in scripture, Jesus asked someone to Follow Him. These two words carried with them both an invitation to bring Heaven to earth and also a command to release our “fall-backs” and turn our lives over to Him completely. Listen in as Pastor Chris dives deep into what this means for our lives.