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Current Worship Theme

SENSING christmas

Each week during this Advent worship theme, we will dive into one of the five senses. Through a comparison of modern Christmas sensory experiences and the historic Christmas, we will seek God together to see what God would have for us this season.

This year remember two phrases that at first seem diametrically opposed: “It’s not that important;” and, “This is special, this is very important.” Which one you say at any given moment is entirely dependent upon your spirituality.

Join us as we get ready for Christmas!

Messages in this Worship Theme

  • December 1 – Seeing Christmas
  • December 8 – Smelling Christmas
  • December 15 – Touching Christmas
  • December 22 – Tasting Christmas
  • December 24 – Hearing Christmas

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God Bless Me.

It is perfectly fine to ask God for blessings. When we ask for these blessings, however, we need to be sure we also are seeking God, the Source of the blessings. In this message, Pastor Chris shares about how God’s blessings inspire us to be a blessing to others as well. Key Text: Numbers 6:22-27 (ESV), 1 Chronicles 4:10 (ESV)