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Upcoming Worship Theme: Jesus Eyes

We are not perfect. We should not pretend to be. But we also are responsible to carry the name of Christ. We are as Paul writes, “Ambassadors for Christ,” representatives of God’s Kingdom. How might we be better seen not for our sake but for the sake of those who desperately need to see a living, en-fleshed example of God’s transforming grace?

Messages in This Theme:

  • Feb 16 – Don’t Take God’s Name In Vain
  • Feb 23 – Salt, Light, A City On A Hill

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God Bless Me.

It is perfectly fine to ask God for blessings. When we ask for these blessings, however, we need to be sure we also are seeking God, the Source of the blessings. In this message, Pastor Chris shares about how God’s blessings inspire us to be a blessing to others as well. Key Text: Numbers 6:22-27 (ESV), 1 Chronicles 4:10 (ESV)