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Prince of Peace

In a world filled with violence and rumors of war, it’s difficult to see how a promise from 2700 years ago could be real.  But physical safety, material stability, and political harmony don’t necessarily reflect the kind of peace Jesus brings.  Listen and find out more. Key text: Isaiah 9:6

Mighty God

In the birth of Jesus, the fullness of God and the fullness of humanity collide and unite to make incarnate a Savior who is the Mighty God—this Christmas present brings the presence of One who is able to rescue the weak and the lost. Key text: Isaiah 9:6

Wonderful Counselor

What if something beyond anything we have ever seen was able to lead us to make life decision that are wise beyond our circumstances and years?  This is the promise found in Isaiah 9 . . . the promise of Christmas . . . the promise of Jesus. Key text: Isaiah 9 “For Unto us…

Go All In

Jesus was tempted in the wilderness.  Out there, wrestling with the glories of this world, Jesus decided to go all in for God.  Jesus was able to go all in because Jesus had the long view of faith.  He didn’t allow 40 days of hunger or a moment of temptation forfeit what God wanted to…

Impact The World

We easily get sidelined from God’s plans for our lives.  If it can happen to one of Jesus most loyal disciples it can happen to us.  Jesus came to Peter and called him off the sidelines and back to a place where he would impact the world around him.  Jesus invited Peter to “feed his…

Share Jesus

When we are thinking of sharing Jesus we think of all kinds of things.  Some good.  Some bad.  Some appropriate.  Some inappropriate.  This message in not about method but heart.  Jesus challenges those around him with a compelling question, “Will you host scum to lead them toward repentance?” Key text: Luke 5:27-32

Grow Faith

For our faith to grow we must trust God.  A growing faith is not just wishful thinking, but trustful action.  When we get distracted from Jesus we often try to engineer a different outcome than what God has planned.  Peter was distracted when he “saw the wind.” How do you get distracted from God’s best,…

Love All

Jesus conversation with a teacher of religious law changes the world because it changes what we do with our notions of love.  Is love a feeling, a crush, a pursuit, or something more?  Jesus challenges us to consider how love covers everything we do, and to ask if love is the motive for our decisions.…