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Messages (Page 9)

Current Worship Theme

SENSING christmas

Each week during this Advent worship theme, we will dive into one of the five senses. Through a comparison of modern Christmas sensory experiences and the historic Christmas, we will seek God together to see what God would have for us this season.

This year remember two phrases that at first seem diametrically opposed: “It’s not that important;” and, “This is special, this is very important.” Which one you say at any given moment is entirely dependent upon your spirituality.

Join us as we get ready for Christmas!

Messages in this Worship Theme

  • December 1 – Seeing Christmas
  • December 8 – Smelling Christmas
  • December 15 – Touching Christmas
  • December 22 – Tasting Christmas
  • December 24 – Hearing Christmas

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Preventing Soul Rot

Abiding in Jesus requires being deeply connected to the vine. By our own selfishness or even though circumstances, rot can creep in on us. Left unchecked or unaddressed, this rot can cause lasting damage. If we don’t deal with the rot, God addresses the rot in us through His direct action. However, abiding in Jesus comes with an incredible promise: whatever you ask from Jesus will be done for you. Key text: John 15:6-7

Trusting the Vinedresser

Abiding in Jesus means that we are subject to the care and control of the Vinedresser. As a good vine is pruned and shaped, we submit to God and trust the wisdom of God through it all. Trusting the Vinedresser means that we receive the goodness and nourishment of our connection with Jesus, and it means we allow God to guide our growth. Key Text: John 15:2-3

Connecting to the Vine

While our culture pushes independence and self-sufficiency, the life that Jesus sets for us is one of sacrifice and surrender. Using a very detailed visual example, Jesus explains that God is the Vinedresser, Jesus is the Vine, and we are the branches. Being a follower of Jesus means that we choose to abide and remain in Jesus. Key Text: John 15:1,4-5 Images of Connections Click for larger image and description.