Sermons from February 2016

Opening The Door

A church is a collection of people who have made the decision to become followers of Jesus Christ. Have you made the decision to be a follower of Jesus? How does someone become a Christian? Listen for yourself or for a friend. Key Verse: Romans 10:9

Party On The Porch

The E word – it scares most followers of Jesus into a frozen paralysis of hoping someone else will do it. However, without the E word there would be no followers to begin with. Evangelism! In this message we explore what evangelism looks like in today’s world if it is both doable and fruitful. Key…

Fear Less Reality

The power to be bold in the midst of difficult situations does not mean that God will grant us a fearless reality. Instead, boldness guides us to fear less and say in the midst of a fearful situation, “I may be afraid, but God is greater and stronger.” Key Verse: Numbers 14:6-9