Sermons from March 2019

Sermons from March 2019

“Think of Yourselves As Servants, Merely Doing Your Duty”

Today’s reading is a parable of Jesus’ that probably doesn’t make anyone’s favorite list. However, if we can get past the cultural context of the norms and values of a master-slave relationship we can hear a startling revelation: even when the demands are difficult and draining, a servant of Christ is still only doing what is required and expected. Key text: Luke 17:7-10 (NLT)

Life Does Not Consist in the Abundance of Possessions

Everyone knows that a preacher doesn’t get into any faster trouble than when he starts talking about money… Jesus talked about money a lot! In today’s reading Jesus is actually interrupted by someone in a financial dispute with his sibling. Jesus uses it as an opportunity to warn us about greed. We may feel we are greedy but then again, how rich are we towards God? Key text: Luke 12:13-21 (NRSV)

Those Who Exalt Themselves Will Be Humbled

Spirituality can be slippery. Today we hear of how Jesus told a story of a religious person who was religious enough to be virtuous and yet still dramatically misses the mark with regard to the Kingdom of God. For Jesus, spirituality that doesn’t lead us towards others can’t be leading us to God either! Listen now as humbleness is redefined. Key text: Luke 18:9-14 (ESV)

“Don’t Worry About Life, Food Or Clothes, Or Have An Anxious Mind”

At first glance, this statement doesn’t appear to be controversial. Indeed, we will find Jesus’ words comforting and compelling. Here he blesses us with his confident words concerning God’s care of we who are his children. But wait there is a condition. We must seek God’s Kingdom. Assuredly, many then as today give up and go back to trying to get what they think they need in their own strength rather than take the risk of trusting God’s ways and…

Ash Wednesday

What do we do when we are tempted to escape early? How do we stay faithful in the midst of tempting moments even during Lent this year? Rev. Jamie Ellis leads us through an explanation of what it means for us as followers of Jesus to be in wilderness moments. Key Text: Matthew 4:1-11

“This Scripture is Fulfilled in Your Hearing”

Are you following the Jesus of your own perception, or the real Jesus OF the gospel? Watch/Listen as we look at some of His provocative sayings found in the gospel according to Luke. For Jesus, and maybe in the end for us as well, they are words worth dying for. Key text: Luke 4:14-30