What Would You Put In This Subject Line?

What Would You Put In This Subject Line?

An e-Note for Pastor Chris

How about some celebrations?

  • We had 11 people take our membership class Sunday night!
  • We had 17 different teenagers participate in youth ministries this last week!
  • We’ve had 20 new “household” (some families, some individuals) visit with us since the start of the new year!
  • And our goal of 100 sponsored Haiti kids from our partner-mission “Friends of Momance,” stands currently at 94 (already 10 more than last year)!

The next membership class will be sometime this summer. If you’re ready to take this 90 minute class that is about how we “experience God” (not just talk about God) and the nature and purpose of “Jesus’ Church” (Hint: Church is the plan; there is no back-up plan), let me know

THIS Sunday night youth group is the last one until school returns but Wednesday Youth, game nights will continue through June (6pm)and dinner is being added! You’ll want the teen in your life to get involved now and experience those Wednesdays as well as the upcoming Youth Tubing event (June 24), the Lock-In July (22-23) and then the return-to-school, Thrift-Store-Prom (Aug 12)!  

Jamie works hard on creating safe, fun and welcoming environments. I’ve discovered the teens that participate have honest conversations about their life and the questions and doubts they have about the Christian faith. 

I’m really glad my sons and step sons are involved. You will be too if you kid or grandkid or neighbor-kid gets involved.

Yes it’s games but it’s also discipleship…

I really appreciate each of you who has sponsored a Haiti Child. 

If you are a new sponsor and haven’t yet, you can select your child off the picture tree in the lobby. Please do that this Sunday.

If you picked a child but didn’t “log in” using the clipboard below the picture tree, please do so. 

And please remember whenever you make your donation if you are giving through RUMC, select “missions” and write in “Haiti” (or write Haiti on the memo line of your paper check).

We have six more sponsorships to our goal…

Thank you for downloading our Church App to your smart phone or tablet and for signing in to worship. (Search Ringgold UMC in your Google Play Store or Apple App Store.) The number of people who are doing this is growing and it’s important as we want to connect with people!

Right now, we want you to go there to sign up for Summer Supper Club! (It’s the only way to currently sign up. So, please download the church App.)

This is a chance for you to get to know better at least two other families in the church.

Groups of three families will be assigned by Pastor Sally and once notified you’ll make arrangements with the other two households regarding dinner plans, once during each of the months of June, July and August.

This will really help our church grow and make us healthy and be a wonderful blessing to those who are involved.

What do you say folks? Up for dinner?

(By the way, of the 20 or so new persons/families visiting since January, how many can you name? Or what about the folks that have been coming for a while now maybe a year or longer? Churches are only as strong as they are willing to connect with one another. Maybe you should really think about being a part of Summer-Supper-Clubs.)


This is a FREE “Alice in Wonderland” themed nightly event for kids 4 years old through entering 5th grade.

They’ll learn to grow in wisdom and stature (like Jesus), becoming who they’ve been uniquely created by God to be.

July 17-20th – Movie night the 21st!

Register the kids!
Register to serve!

Would you recommend RUMC ONLINE WORSHIP? 

We work hard each and every week to make not only in-person but also ONLINE worship as best as it can be. 

Please consider sharing www.ringgoldumc.TV or otherwise posting on social media that you worship at RUMC and that regardless of where people live THEY CAN TOO!

Remember our mission and never forget it. We have no other purpose but to develop, support and SHARE active relationships with Jesus Christ.


P.S. 1890’s days are coming soon. We have a super easy and fun outreach opportunity. We want to give away 1,000 balloons that have our logo on them to children who are at the event. We also will be printing flyers that advertise our online (as well as in-person) worship services and placing them under the wipers of cars utilizing our parking lot. People travel from great distances relatively speaking to be a part of 1890’s days. We want them to know regardless of where they are from they can nonetheless experience worship at RUMC each and every week (even in their own living room). Please let Rev. Jamie Ellis know if you could serve either Friday or Saturday for an 30min – hour either day.