World Communion Sunday

World Communion Sunday


This Sunday Christians around the world gather at the Lord’s Table together.

Historically, we call it “World Communion Sunday” and this year it will be historic. Christians will be gathering in houses of worship as well as their own homes to participate.

It has been months since we’ve offered Holy Communion at RUMC and we all feel it.

Not being able to regularly offer and receive the elements in a regular fashion has been a deep challenge for me, both personally and professionally.

If you are worshiping at home this week, please have the basic elements ready before the service begins, typically this means grape-juice and bread (however, crackers and water can be a substitute).

For in-person worshipers we’ll have individually packaged communion elements that we’ll distribute during worship. (We’ve discussed how to do this and have worked hard on doing so safely but also keeping the focus on the spiritually.) We’ll do our best in this different way of participating in the Eucharist together, and make appropriate changes and adaptations in the future as needed.

Our Preparing For The Rain theme comes to a conclusion with a message from a different perspective: Taking a Rain Check…

Disappointment is bound to happen in our lives; plans will need to be altered. What we do when things don’t go the way we want says a lot about our faith and our character. Sometimes, “preparing for the rain,” means that we embrace the rain when it comes our way, change our plans and go with something different.

Please join us online (www.ringgoldumc.TV) or in-person this Sunday at 9:00am for Traditional or 11:00am for Contemporary.

And please share with your friends. Share our social media posts or otherwise invite the people you talk with between now and then to join us in person or online. Either way works just fine.

I’m very proud of the “broadcast” quality we’ve come to and feel we need to focus in the coming weeks and months on getting the word out to folks who are looking to experience worship from home as well as coming in person.

Lastly, the Yard Sale looks to possibly break another record this year. Thank you so much for everyone who has served to this point, whether it was only a hour or two, or in some cases, literally all day.

If you haven’t served yet and would like to, clean up begins usually around 1:00-2:00pm on Saturday and that is a great time for fresh arms and legs to show up to do that important and timely work.

Thank you for getting the word out about the yard sale. Just everyone sharing it on Facebook made it go “viral.” It’s a lesson I hope we can talk about in the future as the power of this church for making things go viral is underutilized/untapped at this point.

As I close, let me just wish my mom, Vickie Bryant a Happy Birthday. Many of you have met her personally and I wanted to mention this as my mom is one of the greatest influences of faith in my life and certainly the biggest embodiment of God’s grace.

Happy birthday Mom!

See everyone Sunday, if not before.

P.S. For those watching service online, don’t forget to get bread and juice ready at home before you start watching worship this Sunday.