www.Ringgoldumc.TV and other IMPORTANT UPDATES

www.Ringgoldumc.TV and other IMPORTANT UPDATES

Sisters and Brothers,

Last Sunday we broadcast worship in a third and exciting way: www.ringgoldumc.tv

You can now watch worship DIRECTLY through our website.

It’s also an interactive page where visitors can request prayer and where a virtual host is available to greet people (like our in-person greeters in the lobby).

If you noticed a small timing or syncing problem between what you were hearing and seeing last Sunday (for example, my mouth was moving a little slower than the words I was saying) it was because we introduced this new technology and with it, new equipment and it caused this unanticipated error that couldn’t be fixed mid-broadcast. However, this has been resolved.

You’ll still be able to watch worship on YouTube and Facebook but please help us get the word out that to experience worship online at RINGGOLD UMC is as easy as www.ringgoldumc.TV. No other clicks or website navigation is necessary. It’s easy to remember, “Ringgold U – M – C dot TV.”

I believe this will greatly benefit both new visitors to our church as well as those among us that are less tech friendly / experienced or simply don’t participate on social media. (Plus this means we’re no longer dependent on social media in order to broadcast worship to those watching at home.)

Speaking of which, have you missed worship recently?

What about the kids? Are they caught up on the r|KIDS messages?

What about RECOVERY? Yes, you can back-watch it too!

Use the “online church” button through our website to catch up or find something you missed.

The last two Sundays have been some of our best attendance yet (since June).

Watch the message about Hell
Watch the message about Heaven

Ok. Read below for quick updates about other ministry / mission happenings:

  • Children’s Celebration of Christmas:  Next Saturday, 4-6pm, but servants are needed starting at 2pm. If you are donating items please bring them in this Sunday. (Church office closed Monday & Tuesday next week as Karen is taking some personal days.)  
  • Live Nativity: We want to offer a live nativity for the Children’s Celebration of Christmas and then AFTER, for our church and extended community, from 6-8pm. Contact Britta if you can be part of this fun event! (Right now, 30 minute blocks.)  
  • BLOOD DRIVE & FUND RAISER For Haiti Mission: Twice you have the chance to give blood at RUMC, Sunday Dec. 13 and then Wednesday, Dec. 16th. Use this link to sign up. EVERY Donation of Blood earns the Haiti Mission $10. Do you realize that only 2.5% of the population give blood? In this season of giving, how about we give the gift of life? With it our GIVING DOUBLES as doing so also means a donation of $10 to the mission work of Friends of Momance (Haiti Mission).
  • Young Adults: Your Christmas Party is Friday Dec. 18th at Caffeine addicts, 6:30pm -8:00pm. You’ll have the place to yourselves; lots of room to spread out and enjoy each other safely!
  • Youth: Your Christmas Party is Sunday Dec. 20th… Flapjacks and Flannels (White Elephant Gift Exchange with gifts under $10). Meanwhile through Advent Youth are experiencing a “Very 80’s Christmas”… Sounds like fun… er, um, my (actual) early youth experience.  
  • Among a number of GREAT opportunities happening with r|KIDS this Christmas (if your child isn’t involved they are missing out) is BIBLE NIGHT – DIGGING IN! A Minecraft themed event full of fun games, prizes and giving FREE age-appropriate Bibles to kids ensuring that they start “digging into” the written word. At RUMC we want kids to have and use their Bibles.

See you this Sunday as we start our Advent/Christmas worship theme – “CHRISTMAS PLACES.

This week I want to share with you the spirituality of “Decorating the House.

Preparing is a huge part of the spiritual life and one that we typically don’t appreciate.

Yet, how important is it that when God calls us to something we realize that God rarely (if ever) shows us the entire plan / journey at first?

Instead God calls us towards a destination filled with many unknowns and expects us to take the first steps forwards regardless.

Indeed, may we “prepare the way of the Lord…”

What a year 2020 has been! This can still be (and maybe needs to be) a really important, blessed Christmas.

For your sake, please participate in the life of your church in-person or online whenever and wherever you can. (Safety protocols remain in place.) I know it feels strange and everything is different right now and I appreciate your extra effort.

Your church is continually working on how to better reach out and connect with you and we striving continually to get better.


P.S. Hey kids, we put a little something special in our connections video this week for worship. It’s simple and easily missed if you’re not paying attention. Make sure to look for what’s out of the normal as you participate in worship either in-person or online as you use your children’s worship guide.